Google Acquires Alter, an AI Avatar— to Compete with TikTok?

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Google bought it for $100 million. 

AI Avatar Startup for Creators and Brands

According to Techcrunch, Google bought Alter. It’s an AI avatar startup that targets creators and brands. It assists them in expressing their virtual identities. This is Google’s move to improve and compete better with TikTok

Google completed the acquisition two months ago. However, the companies did not disclose it to the public. 

Many have noticed that the top executives of Alter have already updated their LinkedIn profiles to share the news about joining Google. But they didn’t acknowledge the acquisition. 

Alter started in 2020 as Facemoji. It specializes as a plug-and-play avatar vendor for social platforms. One of the firms that provided the company with money was Twitter. 

Targeting Tiktok, Snapchat offers full-body avatars while Facebook has its alternatives. Google also sets up YouTube Shorts for avatars. 

However, the decision of Google doesn’t completely indicate whether or not it is serious about getting into this field. 

This is Google or Alphabet’s 8th major acquisition in 2022. 

TikTok and Its Popularity 

No one can’t deny Tiktok’s popularity. Even though it has its issues regarding data privacy and security, tech giants can’t ignore the platform’s influence on audiences. 

Apple, Microsoft, and Google have TikTok accounts. Apple has over 1.3 million fans on TikTok while Google and Microsoft have less than 500,000 followers. 

These companies use TikTok to showcase their brands. 

Obviously, these companies want to target younger audiences because this is where younger consumers are found. 

Younger audiences want an ad-free environment and they found it on Tiktok. That’s why tech companies are going to this platform because this is the easiest and best way to reach them. 

Nowadays, brands can’t exist as brands. Rather, they must have an interface that audiences can use to engage with them. Companies need to be approachable before their audiences to help them grow and TikTok is there to provide it. 

TikTok is a place where brands can be more personal, relevant, and candid. 

However, brands must create personable content to succeed on this platform. They must also create content that follows trends on the platform. This form of content resonates easily with younger audiences. 

Most tech companies focused on the product instead of the message. But it’s different when they are on TikTok. They found a way to tell their stories and become human, instead of just brands that sell products. 

Last year, Tiktok became the third-largest social network, next to Facebook and Instagram. 

More users are using Tiktok. If big tech companies don’t invest in content creation on Tiktok, they are going to miss out on a lot of opportunities. On TikTok, brands are forced to build and win the hearts and minds of younger audiences. 

Unfortunately, video production for TikTok can be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. Furthermore, the platform demands frequent posting to ensure prominence on the feed. 

How long will TikTok remain popular? No one knows. Its popularity may not be forever. 

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