Gmail AI “Help Me Write” can write emails for you

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During last month’s I/O conference, Google threw out the major guns in the continuing AI battle, revealing a slew of new generative AI capabilities for its Workspace app suite. And it included the new Gmail Help Me Write feature.

As part of the exhibit, Google released a ChatGPT-like writing helper for Gmail that can generate emails based on brief text suggestions.

Gmail’s Help Me Write function was first available as a restricted preview on the web, and it is now available on Gmail for Android.

You must still join Google’s Workspace Labs program to receive access to the functionality, however you will most likely be on a waitlist first.

Gmail’s AI-powered writer should now be available on your account if you already joined up for the experiment, according to Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii.

The function, like Bard or its competitor ChatGPT, creates paragraphs of text depending on your instructions.

How to use it

Begin a new email draft, and a new floating action button with a pencil icon and a star appears in the bottom-right corner.

Tapping on “Help me write” brings up a text box with prompt options inside. You may instruct the AI with your own words on what you want it to create.

When you’ve finished inputting your prompt, press the “Create” button, and the AI will compose an email for you.

When it’s finished, the created draft will appear in a new panel. It may comprise sentences or paragraphs based on your directions.

A disclaimer displays beneath the AI-generated content. It says, “This is a creative writing aid, and it is not intended to be factual.”

Below the disclaimer are thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons for indicating your level of satisfaction with the draft.

Finally, the “Insert” option on the right allows you to insert the content into your real draft email. You can make any adjustments you wish after adding the produced text.

The Help me write FAB remains in the bottom-right corner. Pressing on it brings up a menu with choices for fine-tuning the draft in several styles: “Formalize,” “Elaborate,” “Shorten,” and “I’m Feeling Lucky.” You may select any of these options to match the tone of writing that you desire.

Whether you’re a skilled writer or someone who despises penning long messages, Gmail’s new AI assistant is tempting.

The generative AI can help you get a good start on your job application or business writing. Still, you should revise the result.

Regardless, the resulting text is understandable.

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