Github Woos Windows Developers

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Github woos Windows developers with new app. (Image: othree, via Flickr / CC)

Github has reached out to Microsoft Windows after covering Mac and Linux source codes in a traditional manner.

Github for Windows is now available and created from the bottom up to be user-friendly. Developers using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the upcoming Windows 8 can now start working on source code reporsitory.

“Github for Windows is the easiest way to manage your repositories on,” said the Github in an official blog post. “Github for Windows is supported for all Github Enterprise installations running release 11.10.260 or higher. Simply drag in an existing local Enterprise repository or use the Clone in Windows button.”

The new C#-written Windows app packs up many open source software that include msysGit, posh-git and libgit2. Windows developers previously used a plugin to maximize the use of Github.

Phil Haack, who worked on the development of the release, wrote and in a blog that admitted Github has not always been a gentle match for Windows developers.

“If you are familiar with Git, you’ll know that Git has historically been a strange and uninviting land for developers on the Windows platform. I call this land, Torvaldsia, replete with strange incantations required to make things work,” he said. “If you’re a Git noob, this is a good place to start. If you’re a Git expert on Windows, at the very least, GitHub for Windows can still be a useful part of your workflow.”

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Author: Francis Rey

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