Generative AI in Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Generative AI in Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Artificial intelligence has played a vital role in driving these transformations as it continues to be used in marketing. Generative AI is redefining the possibilities for marketers and businesses by enabling them to craft highly personalized content and elevate audience engagement.

Let’s look into how generative AI is changing marketing and reshaping the way businesses connect with consumers to make meaningful results. You’ll find that 77% of companies are either utilizing or exploring the potential of artificial intelligence.

The goal of AI is to teach machine learning systems how to think and create new content. An example is ChatGPT3 as it uses 1 million feet of bookshelf space and 25% of the Library of Congress.

AI has the potential to boost business productivity by up to 40%. Since the year 2000, there has been a significant 14-fold increase in the number of AI startups.

Generative marketing holds numerous future possibilities for AI, with 46% of experts predicting the creation of new marketing roles in the coming years.

How Generative AI is Changing Marketing

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