Galaxy S4 Burns, Samsung Tries To Silence Customer, Says YouTuber [Video]

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When YouTube user ghostlyrich had his Samsung Galaxy S4 burn on him, he made video detailing what happened to his Samsung flagship phone.

In the video which was uploaded December 2, the man says that he plugged his phone in to charge overnight and that everything was fine up until he smelled something burning. In another video, he says he woke up and saw flames on the phone.

The video, the man says, is to comply with a Samsung request to have video proof that the phone was actually damaged in order for the company to have it replaced.

What Samsung seems to have failed to anticipate is that ghostlyrich would upload the video on YouTube. As of publishing, the video has nearly 126,000 views.

The other video posted by the YouTube user has more views though. That video now has nearly 475,000 views.

In the follow up video, the man details a contract sent to him by Samsung apparently trying to essentially shut him up.

Samsung Galaxy S4, burn, ghostlyrich, YouTube, viral

Samsung Galaxy S4, burn, ghostlyrich, YouTube, viral

In the letter, Samsung tells the man that the company will exchange the phone with “a similar model” provided that he agrees to some things.

These conditions pissed the man off.

First is that the first video should be removed from YouTube and that posts made by the man linking to the video or any statement relating to the incident be removed from the Internet. The agreement would have also barred the YouTube user from talking about the incident in the future had he agreed to it.

It also contains a paragraph absolving Samsung of any liability arising from the “Matter”.

The agreement also states that the man “agrees not to make any claim or take any proceedings against any other person or corporation who might claim contribution or indemnity as against SAMSUNG under the provision or the Negligence Act and the amendments thereto, in respect of the subject matter of this Full and Final Release.”

It also bars the man from talking about the agreement and binds him to confidentiality.

The settlement also goes out of its way to clearly state that the agreement will by no means be deemed as an “admission whatsoever of liability on the part of SAMSUNG, and that any such liability is denied.”

In the video, Ghostlyrich strongly criticizes Samsung and compared how the company handled his request to replace a defective phone with a similar request he made to Apple when he was using an iPhone.

Watch the video below. (Note: Profane language.)



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