From Pinterest To Purchase – How Much Pinterest Influences Sales [Infographic]

Just a mere 24 hours after a pin on Pinterest, users of the popular image sharing social network who buy products that were pinned by accounts they follow have made a purchase.

If companies find that impressive, 32 percent of purchases of pinned items on the social network happen within 24 hours to a week after posting.

Another 39 percent of purchases happen within 1 to 3 weeks of pinning. According to this infographic, 9 percent of purchases of pinned items on Pinterest happen within two months after pinning. Just a mere 11 percent of purchases of pinned products happen two months after a post on the popular social site.

Furthermore, 41 percent is the percentage of people who do “reverse showrooming” or the practice of browsing online and then purchasing items in brick-and-mortar stores.

Taken in the context of 36 percent of people saying “yes, a lot” and 43 percent of people saying “yes, a little bit” to whether pinning an item on Pinterest influenced their decision to buy the item, these are impressive numbers.

Learn more from the Pinterest infographic below from MCNG Marketing. With this in mind, we at Social Barrel also offer some tips on optimizing your pins on Pinterest and your Pinterest account as a whole.

Make sure your other social media properties are tied to your Pinterest account. For one, this ensures that the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) know that your Pinterest account is part of your whole portfolio of Internet properties. This helps with search engine optimization (apart from using keywords you target for your posts). Another advantage of this is that people will find it easier to browse your other accounts such as those on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. People will also find it easier to locate your main site from which they can make their purchases.

Organize your boards so that they make sense. An organized account not only leads to people seeing that you give effort to maintaining your account, it also makes it easier for them to see your content. People find it easier to trust an account that exudes effort. People also find your product in a shorter amount of time if your boards are organized. Given that this infographic suggests that Pinterest really drives sales, make it easier for people to find things they want from your stuff by organizing your boards in a way that makes sense.

Talk about other things aside from your company and products. Remember that on Pinterest and on any other social network, you are cultivating a community. How would it appear if you just kept on talking about yourself and nothing else? That can be very off-putting for your followers and almost always guarantees that many will unfollow your account. By taking useful material, repinning them and of course, crediting your sources, you drive up engagement with the community and show people that you also appreciate other helpful content and are looking for the same things as they are. This tip brings us to our next point.

Promote a lifestyle. The way to self-promote without blatantly doing so on Pinterest is by promoting a lifestyle. Tie your product to a specific lifestyle your target market aspires for and then insert mentions of your product to posts about this lifestyle. This “lifestyle” may include a certain look in dressing, in decorating a home, in products purchased. Organize your boards so that they highlight this certain feel that your followers like. That means you yourself should know your customer and what they like. Because Pinterest is so visual, you should find this easy to do once you figure out what lifestyle it is you are going to promote.

Post things of real value. This ensures that people keep following and recommending your account. Why should people follow you if you are not giving them anything of real value? If people find value in your posts, you are guaranteed more and more fans. Keep things interesting by either posting about things that may inspire, entertain or teach people.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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