Gmail Compose button takes a new shape; and a lot more visible too


For a first time user, the Gmail Compose button on Android is not that easy to locate—and that has to do with Google placing it in a pretty awkward location; and it is tiny too. That has now changed even though the location is pretty much the same—the button is no longer a circle. What we now have is an oblong shaped button with a pen icon located within it. This replaces the multicolored plus sign with the word “Compose,” which makes more visible for everyone to see.

Per 9to5google, the two items located within the button are tinted red; this matches other highlights in the Gmail app for Android. As you scroll down, the button retracts into a simple circle, but will again be expanded when you swipe up.

While the new button has already rolled on Android, there is nothing to suggest that the web version is going to have similar change. The last time I checked, the compose button on the web version is pretty much what it is—nothing has changed.

A couple of days ago, Google introduced some changes to Gmail that will make it easier to access the long list of settings that are hidden somewhere from users. “Quick Settings” as Google calls it, will help you to optimize your Gmail layout. The new settings will provide you with a sampling of options that allows you to adjust the look of your inbox—and of course, there is no need to leave the page. The new tweak is expected to be activated automatically once it arrives.

Among other options, you will be able to change the density of information displayed between default, comfortable, or compact. The new settings menu also allows you to choose which emails you want to prioritize in your inbox. Also included is an option that allows you to add a reading pane, which enables you to see an email’s content without really opening it.

Your existing settings, however, remain unchanged with the latest update. “You can still see the full settings menu by clicking the “See all settings” button at the top of the new quick settings menu,” Google said.

Google recently integrated its Meet videoconferencing space into Gmail. Gmail posted a short clip of how the service works on Twitter and how you can organize a videoconference with your contacts. The information provided in the short clip tallied with what was reported earlier, and there is not much to add here.

The new Meet button is located on the left side of your Gmail right below the “More” menu where you can click to see more option. To draw your attention to the new addition, you will see the word “New” written on a blue background in front of the “Meet” feature. You can either click to start a meeting or click to join a meeting.

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