Foldable smartphones are gaining traction among businesses

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Samsung smartphones have been a success to enterprise customers so far. For instance, the 740,000 Galaxy XCover Pros it sold to Walmart has replaced handheld scanners and walkie-talkies on the shop floor. Now, foldable phones have gained popularity in the business community.

The company claimed that it sold 105% more foldables to enterprise clients between January and October 2022 than it did in the same period in 2021.

Samsung has no breakdown of the sales of Z Fold4 and Z Flip4. But it is the Galaxy Z Fold4 winning the race.

The large internal screen says it all. Professionals want to look at data from different sources and switch several apps at a time. Many of those apps already have native support for the Z Fold4 form factor.

For instance, Bloomberg Professional is an app that investment professionals such as traders, analysts and portfolio managers use all the time.

They can switch from chatting on Instant Bloomberg on the cover display to viewing news, stories and real-time market data on the large internal display.

DocuSign is also a popular app in the industry. 24 of the Top 25 Fortune 500 Financial companies use it. The app supports Android 12L, which is optimized for larger displays and multitasking.

Professionals can drag-and-drop a document from the email client into DocuSign, sign with the S Pen and drag it back to email. Samsung’s DeX mode even offers a desktop-like experience.

Samsung partnered with IBM iX, an experience design partner within IBM Consulting. The team worked with a leading financial institution to perfect the mobile experience and to allow app users to view and interact with data in DeX mode or using the S Pen.

Foldable smartphones are gaining traction with regular users too. The worldwide shipments of foldables will reach a total of 16 million this year—a 73% increase from 2021—and the forecast for next year is 26 million, says Samsung.

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