Why Focus On Google+?

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While Google+ may be described by some as a ghost town, the social media platform should not be ignored altogether by marketers.

Why? Because. Kidding aside, there are valid reasons why small and large businesses alike should be on Google+, one of which is gaining authority through shared links It has been discovered that when links are shared through Google+, they do not contain the rel=“nofollow” element that would make that link useless in passing authority.

Furthermore, it seems that Google is very much using Google+, though they may deny this, in ranking as Moz discovered last year that posts made on Google+ have a high correlation to higher search rankings.

Moreover, Google is very fast in indexing content posted on Google+ and in turn leads to faster discovery of content.

In fact, these are just some of the reasons outlined here in this infographic by Techmagnate.

There are already over 1 billion registered users of Google+, this notes, with 65 million estimated monthly visitors.

The infographic goes on to specifying advantages of using Google+ for bloggers, small businesses, and branding. The points are really self-explanatory so we will just list them below.


Advantages for Bloggers

According to this, the advantages of using Google+ for bloggers include:

1. Google personalized searchers display better SERP rankings

2. Get votes on Google Plus on your posts/pages and increase SERP rankings

3. Verified Authorship for getting better equity

4. Google algorithm is getting smarter and may provide results on the basis of Author Rank

5. Verified publishers and authors status with the tags such as rel=“publisher” and rel=“author”

6. List your content on targeted communities and increase your site’s co-citation


Advantages for Local Business

For local businesses, the advantages include:

1. Get local business page with Google+: Google+ local pages are indexed into Google. Make sure your page has information pertinent to your business. High engagement with users in circles and encouraging reviews will ensure higher rankings.

2. Add the G+ button on your pages to increase your SERP ranking: Social signals are significant; the +1 buttons on your website page will be value added to increase your search rankings.

3. Display review scores and positive reviews for better ranking value: Users leaving reviews on your Google+ local page can play a keen role on your SERP rankings.

4. Increase your local citations and add influential people – especially in your local area – to your circles: Ask your customers to follow your business page on Google+. Comments within a relevant niche will bring more value to your website rankings.

5. Opportunity for natural linking: Do you have interesting images to share? Go to Google+, share images on your business page and in relevant communities, where an audience is available for linking opportunity.

6. Verified addresses build trust: Verify your address from your contact page. Exact name address and phone number give better rankings in Google.

7. Verified publisher’s website: Using the tag rel=“publisher” link back from your business page to bring more value for your website. This clearly indicates your website as a trusted source.

8. Get “dofollow” links: Once you update your profile, remember to post the relevant links along with what you’re sharing. While images receive more attention on other social sharing sites, on G+, all relevant and valuable links are given more credit. A “dofollow” supported by Google is worth every bit of its weight in gold.

Learn more including advantages for branding and tools you may use in the infographic below.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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