Five Tips to Optimize Your Company’s Yelp Listing

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Although most of the reviews on Yelp focus on restaurants, other businesses are starting to join in on the Yelp conversation. Optimizing your business listing can increase traffic to your business, allow you to gain insight about your business, and give you an opportunity to engage with your consumers.

Once you ‘Claim your business’ on Yelp, here are some tips to help you get started with Yelp optimization:

1. What does your establishment look like? Along with claiming your business, try to fill out all of the information about your business. What time is the business open? Is it appropriate for family dining? What is the atmosphere like? When people search for a place to go to using Yelp, they are looking for answers to those questions. It will help your business if you provided these answers in your Yelp listing. don’t forget to add photos as well. It will help customers associate an image to your business. High quality photos are highly recommended.

2. What are people saying? Reviews. Yelp is review-based. Consumers go to Yelp so they can review your business, positively or negatively. It is useful to keep track and read these reviews. It will give you insight on how consumers perceive your business. You don’t have to respond to every review, but do respond to both positive and negative reviews on occasion.

3. Are you encouraging reviews? This isn’t to suggest that you go up to your customers and ask them to give you a positive review, but there are ways that can remind them to post one. Some suggestions include adding your Yelp link to your website or signature, hanging flyers or the Yelp badge, and encouraging your consumers to check-in.

4. Does your business have a special deal or gift certificate option? Through Yelp, you can do both of these things. You can decide how much to charge – from $25 up to $500 – and how long you want to offer the deal or gift certificate. Yelp keeps 30 percent of deal purchases and 10 percent of gift certificate purchases, but there is no upfront cost to try these promotional ideas. If you do offer a deal or gift certificate, these promos will show up at the top of your business listing and be highlighted in search results. It’s something to consider.

5. Do you know how to read Yelp metrics? Having a Yelp business listing comes with a set of metrics that allows you to see how people are interacting with your listing. It gives you the option to look at User Views and track by a month, a year, or even two-year periods, also showing you whether people are viewing your listing on the web or on their mobile devices. A new function called User Actions actually allows you to look at metrics such as mobile check-ins, phone calls made to your business, driving directions to your business location, photos that users have uploaded, web clicks, and the number of deals you have sold.


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Join the Yelp conversation, gain insight, and engage with your consumers.


Guest author Thu Nguyen is an intern with Fahrenheit Marketing. When she isn’t blogging, she enjoys discovering new restaurants and writing reviews on Yelp.

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