Fitbit will Remove Google Sign-in Support

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Fitbit Transitioning to Google Accounts 


Fitbit is saying goodbye to Google sign-in. It has been sending a warning message to users. It does so to provide them with an improved experience. 

But there’s no date yet when it will happen. Fitbit warns that users must know the email and password used for Fitbit. 

In 2019, Google bought Fitbit for $2.1 billion. Since the acquisition, Google didn’t have a say in Fitbit’s business, until recently. 

It started to introduce fitness wearables with Fitbit by Google branding. 

In September, the Fitbit support site stated that it will soon require users to have a Google account. It outlines the main differences between having a Fitbit and a Google account. And starting in 2023, Fitbit will allow the use of a Google account for Fitbit products. 

Users can continue using a Fitbit account or they can switch over to a Google account. 

Some elements of Fitbit will need a Google account. For instance, if you are signing up for a new account, you’ll need it. 

The biggest change will be available in early 2025. 

This change comes as Google wants to simplify the account creation and log-in process for Fitbit users. 

If you are signing up for a new account or if you wish to activate a new product, you need to use a Google account. 

As mentioned earlier, there’s no concrete data set. However, Fitbit states that users will receive messages when the time gets closer. 

Why the Transition? 

Some people may think that the transition is tedious. However, there are benefits to having just one account. This will improve security and privacy controls. 

You also need a Google account if you wish to access some features within Fitbit. 

Although Google is now trying to get into Fitbit’s business after years of being quiet, the company pledged that it will never use any data for Google Ads

Many speculated that Google is after the health data of millions of Fitbit users. 

Fitbit in the Healthcare Industry

For more than a decade, Fitbit devices have been monitoring and tracking users’ health metrics. They have been cataloging their behaviors, such as calories burned, steps taken and exercises performed. 

Google is an advertising company. The deal may help Google in building out its profile of Fitbit users. Many advertisers are taking educated guesses at your health status. 

Period trackers, for instance, are sharing users’ information with Facebook and other social media accounts. 

But Google promised that the health and wellness data of Fitbit users will not be shared or used for Google ads. 

If Google doesn’t want Fitbit data, it could be the entire Fitbit business. 

The wearable has been working with insurance companies and the government to provide employees, customers, and citizens with trackers. 

Google could take advantage of Fitbit’s experience in working with corporate partners. 

The healthcare system is complex. It takes a lot of big players to make a huge impact. Fitbit’s ties with the healthcare industry and its established base of users are what Google needs to give its wearable strategy a huge boost. 

Google wanted to have its own smartwatch. But the healthcare partnerships have a bigger value.

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