Firefox Focus updated with Enhanced Tracking Protection and Google’s Safe browsing

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Mozilla has added some extra layer of security features to its Firefox Focus browser. The iOS and the Android versions of the browser has welcomed an Enhanced Tracking Protection, Google’s Safe Browsing service, and support for search suggestions [iOS users].

Enhanced Tracking Protection as the name suggests, is a feature that allows you to decide which publishers you want to share your browsing data with. The feature will further give you control on which publisher is allowed access to your data.

Google’s Safe Browsing service as you may have known before now [and in case you have no idea what it is all about], is a service that protects you from various maliciously unwanted websites.

Firefox Focus is one of very few browsers that offer users rare private browsing—giving them protection over trackers and malicious websites. It offers a lot of privacy benefits such as blocking of annoying ads, analytics, and many more.

Firefox Focus, according to VentureBeat, has now been integrated with Safe Browsing via in-browsing security warnings. The browser will check URLs against Google’s regularly updated lists of web resources that are not safe alert you if you reach a website that is not safe. Of course, the choice of whether or not to continue to the unsafe site is exclusively yours. The essence is to help you make decisions from an informed perspective.

To bring the iOS version of Firefox Focus at per with the Android version, Mozilla has now added a Search Suggestion feature. The feature, just like the Android version, does not come by default, and can be enabled by going to the app’s Settings, click on Search, and selecting Get search suggestions.”

A couple of months ago, Firefox launched a new browser for virtual reality. It is something very different from what you have seen before—different from Chrome’s WebVR support launched a while ago. Firefox Reality is a web browser that is used within a VR headset. Among several other things, you can browse 2D and 3D internet without moving your mouse, search things, and even more.

The new browser will be available on the Oculus, Viveport and Daydream platforms. Firefox Reality has been designed to run on the latest standalone mobile headsets such as Facebook’s Oculus Go and Lenovo Mirage Solo.

Mozilla obviously has a long way to go with Firefox Reality and this evident from the fact that it is just version 1.0. changes are bound to come and we might be years away from having that perfect VR browser. That said, it is a brilliant idea to start a virtual reality browser project that will probably lead to bigger things soon.

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