Finding a Job During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Still Possible? 

Finding a Job During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Still Possible?


Some companies are closing temporarily while others have shut down permanently. It’s predicted that the unemployment rate would reach 20%. So, now you’re wondering whether there’s still a chance for you to find a job.

Finding a job during this coronavirus pandemic is still possible. But you must change your method of job search. Although many companies are closing temporarily or permanently, there are still companies that are looking for full-time employees for their permanent positions.

Use Your Network of Friends 

Don’t be embarrassed to tell your friends and family that you actively job searching. Let them know about the kind of work that you’re looking for. Ask them if they know some people in the company you want to work for. If they do, they can send your resume on your behalf. Doing so will get your application on top of the list.

You may also talk to your former colleagues if they have openings at the companies they work for. If the boss there is a former colleague, then you have a huge advantage as the boss knows your skills and work ethic.

You should also look for a job in industries that have been thriving in this pandemic. For instance, you may find a job in the communication technology department, like Zoom. If you have a medical-related degree, you may apply for a job in the biomedical or pharmaceutical industry.

Be a Freelancer 

Since companies that are hiring are limited now, you should consider taking a freelance gig. Any freelance gig can help pay the bills. Then, if you’re good at what you do, you might be hired for a full-time job.

Furthermore, you can learn in-demand skills. Digital and coding skills are vital nowadays. Most companies now are digitally based. That said, if you have digital skills, then you can easily apply for a job or a freelance gig.

To find freelance work online, you may visit Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Craigslist, and many others.

But you must analyze the jobs first. You should consider your longer-term plans. People now are easy to give in and just accept the first job they see.

Although freelance jobs can help pay the bills, make sure that you pick a job that doesn’t take advantage of the situation. That is, they pay their online workers inadequately.

Bolster Your Skills 

While waiting for employers to call you, use your time to bolster your skills. Analyze those job descriptions listed and list those skills and experience required. If you have those skills but you haven’t used them, then it’s time for you to brush them up so you can be a better candidate.

You should also consider getting certifications online. In that way, your resume would surely stand out. Visit Udemy to find plenty of budget-friendly courses. There are also free courses that you can take that are taught by professors, professionals, and experts. The site frequently offers discounts and class specials.

Coursera is an ideal stop where you can get a college education sans high tuition. All courses are taught by professors from the top institutions. An alternative to Coursera is edX. You can enroll in some of its courses and get certified. It partnered with Dartmouth, Berkeley, and Harvard, among others.

And if you wish to get free courses in data science and web development, you may visit Udacity. It specializes in courses on software development.

Skillshare is another budget-friendly channel to find online classes. The courses are ideal for learners who can only spend around 15 minutes per day. It has thousands of premium classes.

On the other hand, if you have certain skills that you wish to share, you can teach online while earning money. Those top online teachers are now earning more than $100,000 per year.

Use Your Downtime Wisely 

Finding a job these days isn’t easy. A lot of people are being let go so they, too, are looking for a job, just like you. The competition is tight. Consider this time to update your resume.

Then, clean up your social media pages. Eliminate the content that you don’t want your potential employers to see. Study the company you are applying to. Be familiar with its priorities and style.

Don’t Get Discouraged 

As mentioned, there are more people now who are looking for a job. It makes it more difficult to get a job that you want. But don’t get discouraged. The good thing these days is that there are various ways to earn online.

You can sell on Amazon or eBay. If you love to teach, you may teach online so you can earn money while sharing your skills. You may also want to start a vlog or a blog.

It’s vital to remember that you can’t control this situation. What you can control now is to improve your skills and your value. When coronavirus pandemic is over, you have widened your skills making you an indispensable worker.

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