Features Of Snapchat You Can Use For Your Snapchat Marketing Campaign

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Features Of Snapchat You Can Use For Your Snapchat Marketing Campaign

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With more than 150 million daily users, it’s not surprising to see marketers taking advantage of Snapchat for their marketing campaigns. But don’t jump into it immediately without a plan.

This social media platform is more expensive than Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, you can have a budget of $5 a day. Snapchat, on the other hand, is valued at cost-per-impression. Then, the ads would disappear after seconds; while Facebook ads can last longer.

The brands that utilize Snapchat for advertising are in the B2C space. You can be part of it even if you only wish to promote your fresh content that’s newsworthy. Brands like Dominos and Under Armor are using this platform and have found success with it. However, they did use advertising options to reach a broad audience.

The brands that use this platform are targeting the young demographic. They also customize their content to meet their needs and interests. Keep in mind that most of the Snapchat users are under 34 years old.

That said, if you’re reaching a young demographic, then this platform is ideal for your business. However, if you’re targeting a much older audience, you might want to use other platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

As for brand recognition, Snapchat is capable of increasing your sales. Some brands stated that they’d seen an increase in their sales after they’ve advertised on this channel.

Why use Snapchat?

The platform has more users than Twitter. Then, most Snapchat users are also online shoppers. Users spend at least 30 minutes each day using the app.

Another thing about Snapchat is that there’s less competition in here. Most brands focus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Although the growth of marketers in this platform is increasing, there’s still less competition here than on other platforms.

It’s also different here. Thus, you can reach a new audience differently. It can be a challenge at first, but it’s a significant advantage for your brand.

Since Snapchat promotes a concept of “what’s happening right now,” you can quickly build rapport with your audience. You can add photos with filters to make them more entertaining. They also don’t have to be of high quality. Just make sure that the photos show the personality of your company.

Snapchat marketing doesn’t need to be expensive. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use this social media site to market your brand or company.

What features to use?

Use Snap Ads

They’re great for building brand awareness. You can use this option to catch the attention of your target audience through a 10-second ad. It appears between Stories. The swipe-up rate for these ads is said to be five times higher than the average CTR on other social media platforms.

You can use Snap Ads to promote your clearance sale, for instance. They can appear on Discover channel. The Ads can highlight different products every day. Using this option will get you a significant increase in sign-ups and sales.

Take Advantage Of Snapchat Geofilters

Geofilters are of two types. On-Demand Geofilters can start at $5. Sponsored Geofilters, on the other hand, can cost hundreds of dollars.

Regardless of the type you use, they’re proven to be effective in promoting your brand and acquiring new customers. These filters are small art graphics that appear over a Snap.

For example, if a user in your location takes a Snap, he can choose your Geofilter to let his friends know where he is.

The Sponsored Geofilters are great if your campaign isn’t location-specific.

Improve Sales with Snapchat Sponsored Lens

They’re ideal for allowing users to play with your interactive ad. Snapchatters play with this lens for 20 seconds.

If you’re selling ice cream, for instance, you might want to try adding lenses that look like an ice cream.

Offer Them Live Events

One of the best things about Snapchat marketing is that you can provide your audience access to your live events. This feature is perfect if you’re launching a product or promoting a trade show.

The thing about it is that it makes your target audience more excited about your company because you’re giving them a different view of what’s happening in that event.

Several companies use Live Events on Snapchat. The NBA, for example, uses it for their Draft, All-Star Game, and Finals.

Advertise Coupon Codes

This method is a tried-and-tested strategy. You can ask your followers to send you Snaps in exchange for promo codes. Then these codes can be redeemed in your store. Apart from offering increased sales, you can also track the codes and know how they respond to your ads.

Offer Private Content

Use Snapchat to provide your audience a particular content that they can’t find on other platforms. It must be unique. You can promote your products that haven’t launched yet.

When providing your followers exclusive content, they feel that they’re included in your private world. Even if they’re not present during the launch, they would feel like they’re part of the event.

Another way to provide them with private content is to take your audience behind the scene. It can promote a strong following. You may capture a birthday party or company outing. This option lets you show how your brand is different from other company’s culture.

One of the best tactics you can employ with your campaigns on this platform is to create a sense of urgency. By giving your audience that sense that they must act now, you are motivating them to act on your flash sales and exclusive content to increase engagement and results.

Is it the right platform for you?

As previously mentioned, Snapchat isn’t for everyone. It has pros and cons. If you’re targeting a younger audience, then this platform is ideal for you. With the right budget and tactics, Snapchat can be an excellent place where you can reach your targeted users

Before you implement your strategies, make sure you’ve considered and studied all the advertising options of Snapchat.

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