Facts About Millennials for Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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The nature of Millennials is quite different from Baby Boomers and Gen X. They don’t trust anyone except the people they know of. Because of their differences, the rules in marketing have completely changed. This is one of the reasons brands failed to succeed in their social media marketing campaigns for Millennials.

Facts About Millennials for Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Facts About Millennials for Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

That said, brands must change to succeed when connecting to Millennials. If you’re not getting their trust yet after passing the “Moments of Trust” through your social brand advocacy, you must change your social media marketing campaigns for Millennials ASAP.

When you do change your campaigns, you should consider the following factors.

Friends on Social Media

The Millennials only trust their friends on social media and blogs. These are the sources they go to before they purchase a product. Sadly, only a small percentage of them are looking into traditional media.

They’re heavily influenced on what their friends say on SM about a certain brand or company. They also look for reviews on blogs that they frequently visit. The Millennials are also looking into other sources to find an authentic look at a product/brand.

Simply put, what others are saying about your brand will define how powerful your campaigns are.


It’s true that content is king. Since we’re in the content marketing era, marketers constantly remind brands to make the best content for their viewers. Unfortunately, if the Millennials don’t trust your brand, they still wouldn’t look at it.

For the Millennials, the authenticity of the brand is more important than content.

Ads are nothing to them.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of them trust a brand because of the ads. Most of them look for other ways to avoid advertisements because they don’t think that they’re authentic.

Engagement on social media

When you say engagement, it means you need to interact with them and not just broadcast your message or have a presence on social media.

The Millennials want brands to engage with them on social media. If the brands engage with them, they’re more likely to be transformed into a loyal customer.

Loyal to the brands

More than 50 percent of Millennials are loyal to certain brands. How they arrive at trusting one brand requires gathering of confidence.

When they realize that your brand can be trusted from others, they’d be loyal to you and share their experiences about your brand to others. In that way, other people would also trust you.

Final Thoughts

These are facts about Millennials. If you take a closer look at them, you could see that having social word-of-mouth and authentic social brand advocacy offer a surefire way to succeed in your social media marketing campaigns for Millennials.

When you’re trying to build authentic brand advocacy, you should heed to those facts. With Millennials, it’s crucial for them that a brand builds a relationship with them so they will stick with you no matter what.

It still requires a trial and error. But once you hit the right button, the Millennials will become your loyal followers and fans. They’ll be your strongest advocates.

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