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facebook ai

Since the dawn of time, man has pondered and questioned his existence. Humans have long since searched for the meaning of why he is living, how and why he was made. Humans have invented science, in order for them to search for the answers they have been asking for a long time, they invented religion to have faith for a higher being, believing that someone greater than them created humans and gave them life.

One of the products of these searches was Artificial Intelligence, humans gave birth to AI because of his search for a greater being which lead to ultimately him making another creation of his own, tried to make a copy of himself, or part of it.

Facebook M

Facebook, as we know it is a big player in the industry and we know that it is known as a social media company, but recently it has been enlarging its territories and acquiring advanced technologies just to them just to catch up to its competitors, it has been poking its nose into VR recently, but the most interesting advancement of Facebook is its development in Artificial Intelligence. We may not notice it but Facebook has been applying AI in the recent improvements of their newsfeeds, making their very own personal digital assistant, and even using it for automatic tagging on photos.


But now Facebook has been working on a very big project called “Facebook M” it is an AI that is programmed to “watch” videos, classify and tag them. It is reported that ton of video being posted on Facebook now could be lost within the shuffle because they lack the descriptive text that accompanies pictures, referred to as data. The new AI they’re developing would be able to “watch” a video and describe what is happening in it.

They’re testing early versions of it currently and printed a paper concerning their analysis on the fair web site.

Facebook has been incrementally increasing its service offerings to vie with rival technical school firms for the past many years, debuting an in-app search engine, an in-app publication channel, and even a neighborhood review function(among alternative developments). Now, it seems like Facebook is getting into the digital assistant game, making a man-made intelligence formula referred to as “Facebook M” to rival the likes of Siri and Cortana, from Apple and Microsoft, respectively.

Currently in test mode, Facebook M guarantees to be a digital assistant embedded within the messenger app. according to a recent post by David Marcus (VP of Messaging), Facebook M would be able to find info and complete tasks that you request of it. for instance, it might assist you with easy directions like ransacking through previous messages for specific items of data or a lot of advanced tasks like shopping for and sending a present to at least one of your friends. In line with Marcus’s post, it might even book travel arrangements for you.


When will it be available?

This is a very hard question to answer, because Facebook has not yet given official reports and they have not given concrete release date. But, we know that currently, Facebook M is being developed, and it is being put into hard and rigorous testing. Facebook may be giving it a very careful care, so as not to tarnish the reputation of the company, given that they are new in this kind of field.


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