Facebook Watch for Apple TV Stops Working

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It seems Facebook discontinued it for tvOS. 

Facebook Watch for Apple TV is No More 

When you have Apple TV, you could use Facebook Watch to watch Facebook videos and live streams. 9to5Mac confirmed that the dedicated app no longer works on Apple TV. It would seem that the company has shut it down with its latest update. However, you can still access the app on the App Store. 

If you have Facebook Watch on your Apple TV, you will be notified that it is no longer available. Instead, users could watch them on the Facebook website. It is important to note, though, that tvOS doesn’t have a web browser. In that case, the only way to watch videos on Apple TV from Facebook is through the use of AirPlay from another device. 

Apple TV in 2017

Facebook Watch was introduced on Apple TV in 2017. The app focused on video playback. It had personalization features and many other functionalities. Facebook promised that the app would be a new way to enjoy videos on a wider screen. By downloading and installing the app, users could watch videos shared by their friends, top live videos, etc. 

It’s not clear if the app doesn’t work because of a glitch after the recent update or if the company indeed pulled it from Apple TV. This device is still part of the list of supported platforms. 

However, Facebook Watch is still working on Smart TVs. The end of this app doesn’t come as a surprise. Many developers are losing interest in tvOS. They are no longer making apps or updating them for this platform and watchOS. For them, Apple TV isn’t as popular as iPhone and iPad. 

Furthermore, there are only a few popular games on Apple TV because the tvOS SDK is limited. Many have observed that Apple doesn’t care about its Apple TV anymore. Every year, it gets fewer significant updates. 

But Apple implied that the new iOS 16 would include a new version of the Siri Remote for the Apple TV. Many people think that Siri Remote 4 is the next remote for Apple’s smart TV. However, there are no details about its design or features. But there’s no guarantee that the company will release it. 

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that Apple would release its new Apple TV in the second part of 2022. He suggested that the price could be cheaper than the existing Apple TV 4K. However, he didn’t provide further details about the features and design. In that case, there’s no way to tell if the new Siri Remote will be the new Apple TV to be released later this year. 

On another note, many people think that Apple TV+ is heading toward a breaking point. Its content partners are frustrated with it. The device also has insufficient robust infrastructure. Furthermore, it is reported that the content team for Apple TV + is underresourced. Others think that Apple TV+’s leadership structure is flat. The departments don’t communicate enough resulting in partners finding difficulty in communicating with them.

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