Facebook Social Media Marketing – Changes You Must Do

Facebook is undoubtedly the number one site that most social media marketers go to if they need to launch a campaign. Since the site’s algorithm has changed, it may be time for you to look into your Facebook habits so as not to waste your time on this network and achieve your business goals.

Facebook Social Media Marketing – Changes You Must Do

Facebook Social Media Marketing – Changes You Must Do

What changes you need to do to stop wasting time on Facebook and start increasing conversions?

Provide stories that offer value

Facebook’s latest algorithm encourages content creators to provide more value to their followers, rather than giving them straight-up promotional material.

You may start giving your audience about the history of your business, products and services.

Consider providing your audience with how-to videos that feature your products or services. This will give them a proper understanding of your business.

Reply to comments quickly and in a more friendly tone

It is not unusual to receive negative comments from your followers. If you received negative comments on a post you have published on Facebook, make a quick reply and send the critic a direct message.

Getting into comment wars will not do any good to your company. You are only risking your company’s online reputation if you do get involved in a comment war with your audience or competition.

Browse trending topics within your niche

Instead of spending your time browsing on gadgets when your company is health-related, try browsing on trends about your business and start talking about them to your followers.

Facebook has a trending sidebar that displays the most-talked topics in the site. You can learn something from these topics. But you should ask yourself as to whether or not the topics you are reading could help your business and your social media campaign.

If they are not, consider spending your time reading and commenting on topics related to your industry. Then, share those topics to your audience.

Consider boosting existing posts

Facebook has several tools that can help Page owners to extend the reach of their post. This feature is not only fast but it is also a cost-effective way to boost marketing campaign and target demographic.

Of course, boosted posts do not always yield positive results. But from there, you can decide whether or not to invest more into an ad or just use the boost post feature.

Use split A/B tests

Another feature you should consider using is the split A/B testing. It is essentially a feature that lets you send out two different versions of one ad to reach out to different target audiences. With this feature, you will know which ad receives more engagements.

When using this feature, make sure that you try different variations and take note of the winner. This will help you in finding out the right ad to create that can surely boost engagement. It will also increase your ROI on your Facebook ads.

Facebook can offer you great opportunities to reach out to as many different types of audience as you can. However, if you do not use its tools properly and maximize them, you are missing a lot and wasting your precious time doing things that do not improve your ROI on your social media marketing campaign.

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