Facebook shares new video insights in Creator Studio

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Facebook has shared over the past few months new interviews with internal product experts who work on the social network’s video tools. with Creator Studio, the goal is to help creators and marketers understand and consider the available options. And these tools can help maximize your posting process. 

The company has covered:

Each video session outlines key lessons, notes, and reminders. If you regularly post videos, these lessons will help pull up your content. 

The latest video in the series talks about the updated Video Details Explorer. It is a full overview of video performance available in the Facebook Creator Studio.

The Video Details Explorer of Creator Studio

Here’s a look of some of the keynotes:

Video Details Explorer has complete insights on your videos posted on Facebook.

When you click a video thumbnail in the Content Library, you will arrive to the insights for that upload and it includes key analytics features.

The detailed listing has helpful metrics. For instance, 48 hours after upload, you can see how your video performed every hour. Facebook notes that it could help in scheduling for future uploads based on audience response.

Video Details Explorer has a performance summary with average view time, one-minute views, comments and shares, Reactions—all in one summary.

Facebook Video Details Explorer

The listing shows how each of your videos compare to your other uploads. It gives a quick snapshot of key performance stats.

Another feature of Video Details Explorer is the ability to view your audience retention stats while the video is playing. You can scrub your videos and see when or where the viewers dropped off based on the viewing chart.

Facebook Video Details Explorer

It has a list of demographics stats, such as age, gender and location. The right side of the screen has a summary of negative reactions, such as post hides, people flagging your video as spam, etc.

Facebook Video Details Explorer

Facebook also has a view of how people find your content. It may be through Recommendations, video shares or followers viewing the clip.

Facebook Video Details Explorer

Video Details Explorer also has data on Live video performance, such as retention stats, peak viewers, and average view times.

Facebook Video Details Explorer

Facebook has been improving its video metrics. Many of its new features are now in Video Details Explorer. If you want full insight into your Facebook video strategy, and maximize video content, this is the app for you. 

Facebook says that Video Insights is available to most Creator Studio users right now. It will roll out to creators soon.

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