Facebook shares five new ad copy tips to increase brand awareness

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For most marketers, Facebook and Instagram are the main ad copy channels to maximize reach and boost brand awareness

So, follow suit.

With Christmas less than 50 days away, you must map out your holiday marketing campaigns early.

Facebook has shared new ad copy tips. It includes a formula for you to build your ads. And it will guide your process to build your Facebook ads.

Here are the five Facebook ad copy tips:

1. Give your brand a voice

Facebook says that social media marketers must personalize their brand. They can tailor their brand voice to align with their purpose and audience.

Many brands have triumphed on social media by adopting a persona. Facebook advises this might be key. And it creates consistency in your tone. 

2. Position your products

Facebook says visuals are key to brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram. Presenting your products and services up front is vital to the process.

“Put your products front and center so your audience knows what you’re advertising and why. You can also state your brand message so customers start to associate it with your products,” explains Facebook.

Facebook has advised that your brand messaging must be within the first few seconds of a video ad. It helps build effective links to your brand.

3. Say it with words

Why are your products unique? How can your customers benefit from it?

Facebook suggests these questions to advertisers. You must respond to these in your ad copy. It will highlight your key brand and product messaging. And it will focus on the chief, pivotal elements.

4. Create branded packaging

Facebook advises that your brand packaging is important.

“This can help enhance customer experience and make the package seem like a gift, especially during the holiday season. Personalized touches can be as simple as adding a handwritten note or anything that shows how you care about your customers,” says Facebook.

If you add a professional logo and uniform color palette, you can add more professionalism to your business and offers.

5. Spend strategically

Facebook says brands must build awareness by retargeting ads. It will prompt people who already have an interest in your brand. 

“Advertise to people who have visited your website, app, store or Facebook Page, or who have already purchased your products or services. Retargeting people who are already familiar your brand gives them another opportunity to consider your products,” explains Facebook.

Facebook has provided practical examples. Below is an image showing how to create an effective Facebook ad.

facebook ad copy

The social network has included a table.

facebook ad copy

While ad performance boils down to exact elements of your campaign, Facebook has shared good notes to study when deliberating your approach.

You can read Facebook’s full set of ad tips here.

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