Facebook rolls out amazing 3D photos feature

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Facebook rolls out amazing 3D photos feature

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Facebook has been making a number of photo and video post capability updates lately, and the latest seems to be that Facebook is rolling out a “3D photo” feature to users.

This 3D photo feature will add depth to photos in the News Feed, and will be hitting News Feed as early as today, so you may start seeing them on your timeline. The rollout for the creation feature will happen more slowly, over the next several weeks.

Originally announced in May, the 3D photo feature is relatively easy to use, but users will need a phone with dual cameras to be able to try it out, which is available on most new phone models.

This 3D photo works similar to the 360 photo that has been available on Facebook for the last few years. Facebook turns the photo into a 3D image that changes perspective when users tilt and adjust their phones.

How Brands Can Use 3D Photos on Facebook 

Since this feature is rolling out today, it’s an ideal time to brands and businesses with a Facebook presence to start thinking about how they can use 3D photos to better connect with and appeal to users.

The 3D photo feature can be a great tool for lifestyle-based brands, as well as destination-focused brands, as a 3D photo can help provide a closer, more realistic look into a static photo. Product-based brands should also ideate how to use 3D photos to better display product features and details to customers.

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Augmented Reality Trend Continues to Rise 

This latest photo feature update by Facebook continues to support the trend of augmented reality and the rise of VR. We are continuing to see technology that blurs the line between static and immersive, and provides a more life-like experience to users.

“Immersive marketing” is continuing to gain speed as the new, preferred marketing approach. And the more marketers and brands embrace it, the more users will expect and require it from their brand experiences.

Technologies like the 3D photo feature by Facebook are fundamentally changing the way that users interact with content: it’s more active and engaged, versus passive and disconnected. With immersive technology like the 3D photo feature, the user feels like he is part of the action, not just watching it happen.

What’s Next for Augmented Reality?

When it comes to predicting what’s next for augmented reality and immersive marketing, it’s hard to say what will pop up next. We’re seeing more and more beauty and fashion retailers experiment with VR technology to help customers make purchase decisions through providing augmented reality experiences. Perhaps we can expect the same from travel brands – providing users a sneak peek of their upcoming destination with virtual reality: instead of seeing a picture of a potential vacation spot, users will be digitally transported to a current depiction of the area. It’s a technological development we’d certainly like to see!

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