Facebook revives Instagram Lite months after pulling the plug

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Credit: Android Police

Five months after pulling the plug on Instagram Lite, Facebook has suddenly brought it back to life. Per APK Mirror, the teardown version of the ephemeral photo sharing app has resurfaced online. The reemergence of Instagram Lite on APK Mirror caught many unaware especially as no one imagined that it would be brought back so soon.

Nothing much has changed in terms of size as the app is still way lighter than the main one. You are still able to send direct message, access the instant camera feature, and have videos autoplay by default.

Android Police was able to get a confirmation from a Facebook spokesperson who has confirmed that Lite is being tested again.

Instagram Lite made its entry into the market in 2018, and was targeted at regions and countries with low internet penetration. Facebook, however, did not give an official explanation on why it pulled the plug on the app last May.

Shortly after it was withdrawn, TechCrunch reported that Facebook was rebuilding the app. That, however, was not and has still not being confirmed by anyone from Facebook.

For me, the app never really hit the ground running as it lacked some of the advanced features of the main app. Unlike the main Instagram app that has over 1 billion downloads in the Play Store, Lite, according to AppBrain has just over 1 million downloads.

A new feature that lets you view Instagram Stories in the main Facebook app is currently being tested. This was confirmed by the social media giant, who said it “it is a limited test for now.”

The feature will let you view stories from people who follow you regardless of whether you are using Instagram or Facebook app. To view stories on Facebook, you must have both accounts [Facebook and Instagram] linked. You must also have opted into the option that lets you do that.

You can already share post to Facebook from Instagram as long as both are linked. The ability to view stories within the main Facebook app is something different. It is however, not clear if this will make it to a wider roll out or not.

How this works without getting people confused remains anyone’s guess. Like I said earlier, you can already share post to Facebook via Instagram. The ability to view stories within Facebook may get users a bit confused in my opinion.

Lately, users started reporting a new popup that alerts you to a new way to “Message on Instagram.” The popup, which is a massive indication that Facebook’s decision to merge its major apps is well underway, may only become visible after updating to the latest version of Instagram.

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