Facebook Redesigned Pages to Have Their Own News Feed But No Likes

Facebook Pages now has a new layout. The overhaul will roll out today. What’s new? Read on.

If you have a Facebook Page, you’ll be surprised to see a new layout and news feed. Facebook started introducing a cleaner design for Public Pages on Wednesday. 

With the redesign, Facebook said that users can easily find vital details, like bio and posts. Facebook also decided to remove the number of likes that a Page gets. Instead, it will now display the number of followers of your Page. 

The removal of the Like button allows Page admins to see the number of people their Page has reached

Facebook started to test the new look with a few high-profile individuals last year. It took a few months before Facebook starts to introduce the new design to all Public Pages. 

Why Remove the Number of Likes? 

Removing the number of “Likes” is one of the biggest changes you’ll see on the new Page design. The reason for this is that Likes misrepresent the real popularity of a Page. 

Facebook users can like a Page but unfollow it so it won’t see updates from its News Feed for some reason. Some people Liked a page but don’t want to receive updates. 

With the new design, Facebook will focus on the Followers of a Page as it indicates the number of people who are getting updates from the Page. 

News Feed

It’s another new feature of the revamped Facebook Page. It means that as a Page admin, you can participate in conversations as your brand and not as your profile. 

News Feed will also suggest other Pages, Groups, and other public figures. 

As you follow a Page, you’ll see the blue-check indicator, which means that the Page is verified. You’ll also see their comments on other Pages’ posts. 

The blue checkmarks will be more visible. In this way, users can easily spot posts from fake Facebook profiles and pages. Every time a verified Page comments on another public post, that comment appears higher in the comments section. 

Q&A Format 

Facebook Pages will also have a new Q&A format. With it, Pages can better engage with their fans. 

It’s similar to the Instagram trend where creators could ask questions from their fans or fans would ask them questions and creators would answer them in Stories

When followers ask the Page a question about a certain topic, Page admins can answer it. The answer will be a stack of questions. Followers can learn more about the answers by swiping through. 

On the backend, Facebook also provides a few updates. As a Facebook Page admin, you can assign access permission so you can focus on providing people different levels of access depending on the tasks assigned. 

Facebook also introduces a set of new admin tools to easily manage permissions, add new admins, and many more. You can access the new tools through the Manage button on your Page. 

If you have a Facebook Page and you’re not seeing the latest updates, yet, they may show up in the coming months. 

What do you think of the redesign? What new features do you like most?

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