Facebook Profile Changes Coming Soon Including Animated Profile Photo

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Facebook is giving you another reason to use its platform as often as possible. The company will make changes to your profile. A big change, that is. It’s spicing up your profile photos.

Facebook Profile Changes Coming Soon Including Animated Profile Photo

Facebook Profile Changes Coming Soon Including Animated Profile Photo

Big Changes

Mark Zuckerber’s social networking site will finally embrace looping videos or animated profile photo.

But it’s not clear yet whether you can now upload GIFs to your update. What’s clear is that the social networking giant will let you upload a looping video clip on your profile.

The company isn’t the first to allow animated pictures to be used by users for their profile photos.

Snapchat and Phhhoto have already embraced GIFs allowing users to use loop videos as their users’ profile shots.

However, Facebook is still adamant about allowing users to upload a .gif photo. Then again, the animated photo can work exactly the same.

When the changes arrive, Facebook users can change their profile photos temporarily while they’re on vacation or attending a major event.

Then, change it back at a certain time.

It’s a “visual status update” letting your friends know what’s happening to your life.

Since you can change your profile photo while attending an event, it can be a form of statement of what “cause” you’re supporting.

New Controls

Facebook will also introduce a customizable space sitting at the top of your profile. This is where you can create what you want visitors to know more about you.

You can change the visibility of some fields that will show up when your friends visit your page.

Then, change or add Featured Photos to showcase the most important images to truly make a statement.

This space is visible to anyone who’ll visit your profile. However, you’ll have full control of what details you want to appear here.

The changes that you make are also visible on desktop. But they’re completely designed with mobile in mind.

When the Changes are Coming?

These new features are already rolling out but to a small number of users.

The company stated that Facebook users in California using an iOS device are the first ones to experience the changes.

Some people in United Kingdom with iOS devices can also start seeing these features.

However, these latest features will roll out widely sooner than you think. That will give you more time to create your animated profile image.

Facebook is more focused on profiles because these are the one feature that users visit a billion times a day.

There are other changes that will come very soon.

And one of them is your ability to make your profile photos and videos a lot bigger than they are now.

Facebook wants your photos to be more prominent.

These changes will give more people several ways to connect and share with their friends and family.

The improvements will also help users express themselves in several ways that are meaningful to them.

These changes are a big deal for the company. It’s known for being obstinate to allow its users to depart from the standard profile template of the networking giant.

What do you think of these updates? Are you excited about them?

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