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Social networking website Facebook is in talks with over 12 select news outlets, including CNN, The Daily, and the Washington Post, about participating in its plans to produce “Facebook Editions” which will likely operate via news apps, letting the user read news within the Facebook website.



CNN is among 12 news outlets that may participate in Facebook Editions

The New York Times was also invited but it decided not to participate because it would create problems with its newly implemented paywall.  The first version of Facebook Editions will likely appear as early as September of this year.  Sources familiar with the project were quoted on Forbes, but it has not been officially announced.


When asked to comment on Facebook Editions a Facebook spokesman issued a statement that said: “We have nothing new to announce.  The top media sites around the world are integrated with Facebook and we’re constantly talking to our partners about ways to improve these integrations.”


The news media outlets are interested in the Facebook Edition project because it would give them access to Facebook’s staggering 750 million users, half of whom log on every day, according to a recent Facebook statement.  Facebook’s motivation in providing Facebook Editions is that it will help keep its members on their website for a longer period of time. Now when Facebook members share news links with their friends, it takes them out of the Facebook website, but a news app would keep them on it.


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Author: David John Walker

Dave has a B.A. in Mathematics, loves writing and reading about the latest developments in technology and social media, and has been working as a freelance writer for five years.

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