Facebook News Feed updated with new Page, Group ranking factors

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Facebook updated its News Feed algorithm this month. But it only aims to boost content from people close to you, cutting down the reach of clickbait.

Now, the social network has revised it further to add new ranking factors for content from Pages and Groups.

Facebook expounded how its surveys help gather feedback on how effective its feed algorithm are, and to focus on improvement.

“We’ve [recently] begun surveying people on Facebook to ask them to list the friends they are closest to. We look at the patterns that emerge from these results, some of which include being tagged in the same photos, continuously reacting and commenting on the same posts and checking-in at the same places. We then use these patterns to inform our algorithm,” the company explained.

Facebook said it has issued two new surveys for Page and Group content, and what people want to see.

“We know that friends are not the only reason people come to Facebook. Many people come to see the latest from the Pages they follow and the groups they are a part of. In addition to surveying people asking them which friends they were closest to, we started two additional surveys asking people 1) how interested they are in content from a specific Page they follow, and 2) how important a specific group they’ve joined is to them,” it added.

From the responses gathered, Facebook said it has updated News Feed to show Pages and Groups that the algorithm thinks you will care the most.

“Some of the indicators of how meaningful a Page or group is might include how long someone has followed a Page or been a part of a group; how often someone engages with a Page or group; and how often a Page or group posts,” said Facebook.

What it means and how Page managers can benefit is vague.

Engagement is critical to boost Page reach. The update doesn’t answer whether it’s better to post more or less.

Will Facebook show more content to interested parties if a Page posts more? Will the News Feed algorithm limit posts from Pages that post every hour?

I think the social network just wants us to post more. But not as often as every 15 minutes or less.

A higher post rate offers the algorithm more content to choose from. Then, it will show content to users who it thinks are interested in your Page updates.

Facebook has also focused on Groups lately. It has been looking for ways to capitalize on the benefits of discussions with the latest update.

“Similar to the close friends update we announced earlier this month, these specific changes will not result in an increase of Page or group content [in feeds]. Rather, they will prioritize content from the Pages and groups we think you care about most so that you see them higher in News Feed,” Facebook added.

More visibility of Page posts will only help you get better. And the latest tweak to Facebook’s News Feed may help gain more exposure for your Page and group posts.

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Author: Francis Rey

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