Facebook News Feed AI explained by its own engineering team

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Ever wondered how Facebook’s News Feed AI chooses posts and when to show them?

Facebook has released a detailed explanation. And the system is intricate.

To hear from the Facebook engineering team’s perspective, click here. They will show you how they built the multilayer algorithm code.

“Designing a personalized ranking system for more than 2 billion people (all with different interests) and a plethora of content to select from presents significant, complex challenges. This is something we tackle every day with News Feed ranking,” says the Facebook engineering team.

The social network’s tech team and newsroom explained in full the algorithm and news feed ranking from a higher level perspective. 

“Artificial intelligence will be one of the most transformative technologies of the coming decade. It’s also one that people have a whole lot of questions about — it’s evolving so fast that even the engineers working on it every day are still learning. But for everyone else, much of AI remains a mystery, even though you see terms like machine learningalgorithm and neural network thrown around every day,” adds the team.

How it works

The video will show you how the algorithm studies human behavior and activity. And it constantly takes new information and recalculates to find content that it thinks we want to see next.

Everything is customized. The team building this algorithm conducts more talks and researches to grasp what our actions mean.

What does it mean from a social media marketer? A good knowhow of how algorithm works will improve your strategy. 

If you want to cheat the system, good luck. But the algorithm delivers value.

Facebook determines value as it learns what people like and dislike through their engagement with content. 

It means you must move your content before your audience across all Facebook platforms.

  1. Know what your audience values.
    Listen and research to analyze your audience.
  2. Deliver the value.
    Once you know the value, deliver high-quality, engaging content.

To find out more about the Facebook research team’s thoughts about AI, check here.

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Author: Francis Rey

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