Facebook Mobile App Users Logged Out: Blame It on Configuration Change

#SoFacebook became a top trending topic in the US after many mobile Facebook app users logged out. 


Despite the privacy issues of Facebook, many are still using it for some reason. So, when Facebook changed its configuration, many of its mobile Facebook app users were logged out on Friday night. 

These users flocked to Twitter to confirm if there’s a Facebook outage. 

They used the hashtags #SoFacebook and #FacebookDown to connect to this conversation and discover posts around the said topic. 

Some of them tried to log back in but have trouble doing it. 

And when they logged back in, their newsfeed was from a few years ago. Others reported that their feed loaded slower than before the outage. 

Other users also have difficulty getting two-factor authentication text to access their accounts. 

For some, they couldn’t remember their password because they allowed their app to just remember their credentials so they don’t have to enter them every time they open the Facebook app. 

Facebook Updated Its User on Twitter 

The company tweed on Friday that it’s working on it to resolve the issue ASAP. The following day, Facebook blamed a configuration change for the logouts. 

The most interesting part is that the issue appeared to most iPhone users. Thus, many speculated if this is Facebook’s way of getting back at Apple after the iPhone maker released the iOS 14 update that could potentially affect Facebook’s business. 

However, Mac users didn’t encounter such a problem. It means that the outage only affects mobile users. 

What Configuration Change

Facebook didn’t elaborate on it. It only explained

“We’re looking into reports of people being logged out and having to log in again to access their Facebook accounts. We’re working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.” 

Facebook and Apple Fighting 

These two aren’t fighting over customers. Rather, they’re fighting over user privacy. 

Last month, Facebook took a full-page ad in mainstream newspapers to proclaim that it was only standing up for small businesses in the world. 

But it’s also the same company that faced many lawsuits from state attorneys general because of its anti-competitive conduct. 

However, Apple isn’t a hero in this fight. Although the iPhone maker is pro-privacy, it still deals with unlawful practices. 

But the fight between the two is about the app tracking feature of iOS 14. When it starts to roll out to all users, it minimizes Facebook’s ability to gather data about users so it can send them a targeted ad. 

Users can still allow data gathering. However, they have to opt-in or consent to data collection. If they would opt-out, Facebook can’t gather their data.

Even if you opt-out, you won’t know whether or not Facebook accepts it, considering its privacy track record. 

Facebook earns billions of dollars in annual revenue. And it will be at stake if people would opt-out. 

But Facebook should let consumers choose their privacy level. It must change its revenue model so it won’t get affected by the changes on iOS 14.

Author: Jane Danes

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