Facebook Messenger Marketing Tricks to Boost Engagement in 2019

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tricks to Boost Engagement in 2019

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User engagement is vital to have a successful website. When visitors land on your site, you would want them to browse on your products, read your content and hopefully buy your products. In other words, user engagement indicates that your visitors appreciate your site so they stick around and convert.

If your website struggles to increase user engagement, it might be time for you to employ some Facebook Messenger marketing tactics. The goal here is to connect with your visitors and potential customers.

Why Facebook, you ask?

Every month, over 2 billion messages between individuals and businesses are sent on this platform. Moreover, people like to hear from businesses through this method.

More than 50% of users would react positively when they get messages from business through a messenger app.

Our communication with potential clients or customers has changed in the past 15 years. It is true that email still wins when it comes to marketing ROI.

However, you cannot take the fact that social media is also gaining. In 2017, the use of messenger app has overtaken the use of social network per month.

But how can you take advantage of this app to boost engagement on your website?

Use the Auto Responder

Basically, it is a bot that you can set up on your Facebook posts. What it does is that it sends automatically a Facebook message from you to the people who comment on your post.

However, those people who left a comment are not your leads yet. The only way they became a lead is when they reply to your message.

When they reply, they become your solid lead because you have gained their permission to send them messages.

An autoresponder bot is free to use, unlike Click to Messenger ads. Each time a person engages, the bot adds that person automatically to your list.

The more people responded to your post, Facebook will reward you by prioritizing your post in the newsfeed. The result? More engagement.

Since your goal here is to increase engagement with a Facebook autoresponder, you need to create an organic post that appeals to your audience. You can try quizzes. Ask people anything, no matter how dumb the question is. Another way is to ask your followers to answer your question with a GIF.

Or you can go for surveys. They can lead to tons of engagement and they are simple to create. By simply asking your followers if they are a student or not, they start the autoresponder when they respond to the survey.

Should you try controversial issues? They can ignite lots of responses. However, you need to be careful with this technique. Make sure that the topic is related to your niche.

Opt for Conversational Flow

Your Messenger bot has to follow a conversational flow. It looks simple. Unfortunately, most bot messages are not using this format.

To have a conversational flow, you need to mimic a one-on-one conversation. A conversation-leading copy can easily drive your potential clients to make a small commitment to your brand.

If you wish to achieve a conversational bot message, you need to imagine that you are talking to a friend over a cup of coffee. Doing so will boost your CTR significantly.

Integrate Messenger Bot with Facebook Live Comments

Facebook Messenger bots are useful in engaging your audience and potential clients. To maximize the benefits of these bots, though, it is ideal to integrate the bot with Facebook Live. Doing so will help convert leads into sales.

To implement it, you may have a Facebook Live to announce a freebie. It could be anything. Once you are live, connect the Messenger bot to the Comments feature.

When people comment on your Facebook Live, the bot sends them a message. In other words, the bot will help in distributing the freebie, encourage them to convert and capture their email address. It does not only increase engagement on your Facebook Live but it also increases subscriber list and email list.

But it is not enough to send them a message. Follow them up with another offer a few hours after the Live event.

Opt for Click to Messenger Ad

It is a Facebook ad. In here, the conversion action is Send Message. The user sends a message in the Messenger, rather than clicking an offer.

Any user who sends you a message will be added to your contact list. You will have his/her name, email, photos, etc.

A lot of marketers now are opting for it over the conventional ads. The magic truly happens when a person converts using a Messenger ad. As soon as the user interacts with the bot, the bot takes over and it takes the user to the funnel of your choice.

Not all marketers are using this option. Thus, it is not crowded yet. Now is the time for you to try Facebook Messenger ads.

Be Responsive

It is not enough to gather users’ email addresses. You must always be responsive. Make sure to set up an away message in case a user communicates with your business outside the regular business hours.

You may also use Messenger bot to automate your presence. By implementing AI for your Messenger, you can easily handle and respond to the increasing number of messages that your business has received.

There are two options to implement these strategies. You can build the bot yourself. Another way is to utilize a Messenger automation product. If you are like most marketers who do not like building it from scratch, you can work with a developer to give you automation solutions for Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger marketing evolves every day. It opens new ways of interactions that were impossible before. This type of marketing changes the overall online shopping experience.

If you start implementing it in your campaign now, you will get a huge head start. You can use it to re-engage customers when you need to introduce a new product. Or just to increase brand awareness.

To learn more about Facebook Messenger marketing, the company has eLearning courses here.

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