Facebook makes Slideshow available to iOS users

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Facebook’s Slideshow. Image Credit: TechCrunch

Ahead of iOS 10 Memories feature, Facebook is rolling out Slideshow to iPhone and iPad users—further heightening competition for user-created content.

It is obvious that not everyone can shoot compelling videos as well as photos that are captivating. This probably explains why virtually every social network company and tech giants are coming up with different versions of automatic movie makers. Trust Facebook, the tech giant has thrown its hat into the ring as it rolls out Slideshow to all   iOS users all over the world.

Slideshow was launched in August as part of Facebook’s photo sharing companion app Moments. After testing its composer for a couple of months, you can now create a Slideshow of more than five pictures or videos taken in the last 24 hours, Facebook will suggest you create a Slideshow. Facebook also gives you additional option to “Try It” when visiting a friend’s Slideshow, reports TechCrunch.

Since it is designed to work automatically, each Slideshow will be composed on your behalf; with a combination of photos and videos with themed music and translations. However, Facebook’s Slideshow still leaves you with the option of editing and removing images, and making changes to the theme to any of the following; Nostalgic, Playful, Night Out, Birthday, Epic, Thankful, Tropical, Bollywood, and Amped.

With Slideshow, you may not need to install or use a third-party application to edit or create a slideshow. In comparison to Google’s and Apple’s photos apps, Facebook’s Slideshow is still a long way from being perfect. Nevertheless, it is a useful tool for a lot of users because it simplifies the process of using slideshow on Facebook.

Facebook is all set to compete with Snapchat’s Stories, which shows the last 24 hours of posts you have uploaded in a chronological narrative. “We all know that people love to snap photos and share what they’ve been up to on the weekends, whether it’s a family gathering, a road trip with friends, or even an epic brunch, and this fun new feature will let you stitch together those special photos into a format that captures the spirit of the event,” Facebook said in a statement, per TechCrunch.

Apple iPhone and iPad users can now start using the feature, which is now available on their Facebook app. Remarkably too, the Facebook Slideshow will now be competing directly with Apple’s new Memories tab in iOS 10 expected to be released anytime in the fall.

Despite the launch of Slideshow for iPads and iPhones, Facebook still has a long way to go to catch up with Google Photos Assistant; and same goes for Apple’s new Memories tab.

Nevertheless, users of all three programs are in for a splendid time as more attractive and captivating slideshows are expected to be released. Holiday photos promise to be something different from what we are already used to, as creativity takes the center stage with programs that boast of great features to edit and create colorful slideshows automatically.

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