Facebook launches new management platform in Business Suite

Facebook has launched a new management platform. Called the Facebook Business Suite, it eases the way small businesses manage their Facebook and Instagram presences—all in a single space. 

The video shows the new Business Suite platform as it combines all of your Facebook Page and Instagram profile options into one platform. It will be available on desktop or in a new mobile app as well. 

Facebook says Business Suite allows users to: 

  • Save time - Post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time and manage posts in one place to stay connected to both communities.  
  • Stay up-to-date – Get all of your Facebook and Instagram messages, notifications and alerts in one place so you can stay up to date and respond to all of your customers more easily.  
  • Business results - See what’s working with Facebook and Instagram insights and learn what your customers are looking for. 

Rather than use Pages Manager or Creator Studio, you have another way to stay connected with all of your Facebook and Instagram business connections. It has an array of features within an app though.  

Message management is common. Pages manager already incorporates all your messages from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. And Facebook had Facebook-Instagram scheduling added to Creator Studio last year. 

But the unified message inbox may help with your workflow. 

Facebook Business Suite

While the scheduling layout adds another view: 

Facebook Business Suite

 Business Suite stands out due to its layout of an analytics tab. It has a full overview of your Facebook and Instagram performance in one place. 

Facebook Business Suite

Creator Studio has analytics displays. It focuses on the performance of your video posts. And the listing has a better, overall comparison of your Facebook and Instagram presence. But it still depends on your preference. 

Business Suite coming with WhatsApp features

Business Suite will soon come with another feature that is not on Pages Manager, Axios says Facebook also plans to add WhatsApp messaging features into the app soon.  

Facebook is in the works to integrate its messaging apps in the past year. If WhatsApp features will appear on Business Suite, it will be the first app to allow responses across Facebook’s three platforms. 

The value of this new management platform depends on what you want to achieve. But it combines all the key Facebook and Instagram business management tools into one app. And it seems to meet the need of offering user-friendly tools into one platform.  

Facebook says Business Suite will be the main interface for businesses of all sizes who use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. So, focus on it if you want to provide a central platform for your Facebook and Instagram management. 

Author: Francis Rey

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