Facebook IPO Too High, According to Recent Survey

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Facebook is just a fad according to fifty percent of Americans surveyed (Image: Mehfuz Hossain (CC) via Flickr)

In a survey conducted by the Associated Press-CNBC, fifty percent of Americans think Facebook’s IPO is too high. Fifty percent also think Facebook is just a fad.

Facebook’s debut at Wall Street could be at a hundred million dollars more expensive than Ford, Disney, and a number of other huge companies, and certainly the largest Internet IPO ever.

It’s only been eight years since Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook to the Internet, but now around 900 million people worldwide use the social networking site to share news, photos, and personal opinions and observations.

Last year, Facebook’s revenue was 3.7 billion dollars, and for the first quarter of this year, it’s more than a billion dollars.

Fifty percent of new investors surveyed said that Facebook’s a good bet. Thirty-one percent said that Facebook isn’t, while the rest are unsure. In addition, for more active investors, forty percent said Facebook isn’t a good bet.

Fifty nine percent of young adults say Facebook is a good investment, while only 39 percent of senior citizens say so. The age groups most interested in Facebook’s initial public offering are those under thirty-five years of age because they grew up with the site.

Young adults are not only connected to Facebook, but they are engaging with the site everyday through computers and mobile devices. However, fifty percent of this group said that Facebook will eventually fade in popularity.

The survey was conducted from May 3 to 7, 2012. Interviews were done through cellphone and landline calls. 1,004 adults participated in the study across the nation.

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Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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