Facebook is working on visual search

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Image Credit: Search Engine Journal

Facebook is working on visual search. With Facebook visual search, you can use photos in your Feed to find products available for purchase in shops on the platform.

Visual search is becoming more popular these days, and remains one of the best ways to shop online. Pinterest is one social media company that has successfully used similar feature.

Social media commentator Matt Navarra posted a screenshot of the feature on his Twitter account. The screenshot explains how to search your Feed with picture, but did not provide further information on release date.

Google has a feature called Lens—it allows users to search the internet with pictures. A couple of weeks ago, Google updated Search with a new feature that allows you to search texts and images at the same time.

Multisearch helps you with your visual search, including home décor, and style questions. To get started, simply open the Google app on iOS or Android, tap the Lens camera icon and either search one of your screenshots or snap a photo of the world around you.  

You can search for one of your screenshots or snap a new photo of your own, including wallpaper pattern, a beautiful dress, furniture, and many more. Then swipe up and tap the “+ Add to your search” button to add text.

In 2019, Google rolled out a redesigned Lens with new Dining, Shopping, Text, Translate and Auto modes. The modes, according to can be accessed via Google Assistant and Google Photos.

The Shopping mode come in very handy when you are in a mall. With it, you can scan barcodes or automatically recognize items like furniture or clothing to check them out online. The Dining mode, just as it sounds, comes very handy when you could do with some tips when you are in a restaurant.

The Text mode allows you to point Lens to any text in order to copy it. This addition will further make Lens more useful as it will come in handy not just when it comes to searching by image, but by text too.

All shopping modes appear at the bottom of the screen as carousel, while a shutter button freezes the image to start automatic recognition. At the top right corner of your screen is an icon that lets you pick an existing image from your phone’s gallery to have it analyzed.

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Author: Ola Ric

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