Facebook is working on Hobbies—a new feature in your profile

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Facebook is reportedly working on a new feature called “Hobbies;” reverse engineer and reliable tipster Jane Manchun Wong has revealed via her Twitter page. Hobbies, which appears in your profile, will allow you to find communities with hobbies in common.

You will be able to add your favorite hobbies or better still, choose from among popular ones in your profile. Facebook like every other social media companies develops and tests new features every other day, but not everyone of them makes it to a global launch eventually. That said, Jane has been very consistent with virtually every piece of information she posts to her Twitter page. Her integrity when it comes to releasing inside information when it comes to yet-to-be released features and apps is legendary.

Facebook has not confirmed this latest piece of information, but as usual, we will keep our fingers crossed and keep our ears close to the ground.

Facebook has been in the eyes of the storm in the last couple of months over issues that mostly bother on privacy. Regardless of these storms, the company has continued to work on numerous features to probably sustain its current user base who are gradually getting tired of reading and hearing stories that are not-so pleasant when it comes to their privacy.

The New York Times reports that Facebook’s data deals with some tech giant are being investigated by a grand jury in New York. Records of “at least two” large companies that make smartphones have been subpoenaed, which will shed more lights on the deals.

The company, according to the report, struck deals with Facebook in order to grant them access to user data like friend lists and contact information, without the explicit permission of users.

It is not clear at this time what the prosecutors with the United States attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York are focusing the investigation on, but recall that Facebook is also being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Also, the exact date when the investigation began is unclear, but there is no doubt that Facebook is currently being investigated.

We are cooperating with investigators and take those probes seriously,” a Facebook spokesman said in a statement per The New York Times. “We’ve provided public testimony, answered questions and pledged that we will continue to do so.”

Facebook’s hammer came down heavily on around 200 apps for misusing user data in 2018. Recall that the social media behemoth had promised to conduct a full-scale investigation into the Cambridge Analytical data scandal. The scandal you would recall sept through the internet like a tornado; but Facebook had since been making some sweeping changes.

The company through its VP of product partnerships, Ime Archibong announced that the suspension of the apps was in keeping with the promise it made to investigate all the apps that had access to the network pre-2014 before it changed its policies. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had promised that his company would audit individual apps and would not hesitate to ban any app that failed an audit.

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