Facebook is Preparing a New App Called Moments for Private Sharing

Facebook is, reportedly, putting finishing touches on a new app designed to allow private sharing on the social network. Codenamed “Moments,” it’s, basically, a subset of Facebook, allowing users to share with only a fraction of people on their friends list.

This isn’t the first time the social network has attempted micro-sharing, a feature that has grown necessary as users’ friends lists have grown to practically unmanageable sizes. Past and existing efforts, however, required creating custom lists, selecting people one-by-one on the fly, or changing multiple privacy settings, none of which ever really took off among the service’s large base of users. With the low attention span people tend to have while on social networks, anything that complicated has an uphill battle when it comes to widespread adoption. Moments is an attempt to move that function away from the standard composer, essentially simplifying the process to avoid overwhelming its users.


According to a report on Techcrunch, the app will feature a grid filled with tiles, each of which represents a close set of family and friends. To share with a group, simply tap on the corresponding tile and use the composer that pops up. Anything you type or upload will only be available to people in that group, making it possible to post status updates and upload pictures without having them show up in the timelines of everyone you’re connected to.

The Techcrunch source described the app as similar in function to Cluster, a mobile-based social network that groups your friends list into separate private spaces. Rather than being a separate entity, though, the Moments app draws from the Facebook database, making it possible to share stuff you’d rather not make public on the social network without having to go through hoops.

Facebook declined to comment on the report.

Author: Firdaus

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