Facebook In Talks With Technology Company To Provide Free Internet Access Across Africa

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World’s largest social network company, Facebook is in talks with a satellite technology firm based in London over a ground-breaking move to provide free internet access to majority of African countries, reports Daily Mail.

The project, which is under the initiative of Facebook’s Internet.org, is a part of Zuckerberg’s plan to connect as many developing countries as it can with free internet access.

Facebook founder, Zuckerberg moved into negotiation with the London-based firm after its initial plan with Vodafone was rejected. However, reports have said that Facebook’s deal with Avanti, a satellite operator would soon be made public.

Three countries in Africa are already benefiting from Facebook’s free internet access, and it is expected that more are soon to follow. Last week, Kenya, which is an East African country joined Zambia and Tanzania, and will now be able to access some basic services including accessing Facebook, BBC, and others.


“Providing free basic services is one way to demonstrate the value of the internet and we’ll continue to bring the app and basic services to other parts of the world,” the company announced in a Press Release last week after Kenya became the latest African country to benefit from the free internet service meant to cover a larger part of developing countries.

Facebook’s deal with Avanti according to The Telegraph, will enable the social network company reach a larger part of Africa at a relatively lower cost.

Currently, the company owns two broadband satellite that are positioned over Africa, and plans are underway to boost coverage by launching three more in the next couple of years.

While granting an interview to the Cable News Network CNN, Zuckerberg said he wanted “to put the whole world online.”

“I mean, here, we use things like Facebook to share news and catch up without friends, but there, they’re going to use it to decide what kind of government they want, get access to healthcare for the first time ever, connect with family hundreds of miles away that they haven’t seen for decades.

“Getting access to the Internet is a really big deal.”

Zuckerberg and his company have done a lot in recent times to help developing countries. Zuckerberg recently donated $25 million to help African countries fight the deadly Ebola Virus Disease that is currently ravaging some parts of the continent. Likewise, the social network company also introduced a donate button to encourage donation towards the fight against the deadly virus.

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