Facebook Has New Logo

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Its probably hard to see but Facebook now has a new logo, according to a report sent out by tech site Mashable. It is a quiet change that showcases a more minimalist and flat look resembling old versions.

The report shows that the new Facebook logo has subtle changes, including the removal of the pale blue line located at the bottom part of the letter “f” icon. Aside from this change, the “f” is icon is also dragged closer to the right edge of the blue box surrounding it.

Facebook has a new logo. (Image: via gmanetwork.com)

Facebook has a new logo. (Image: via gmanetwork.com)

Like most of the adjustments to the format of the social networking site, not all pages and accounts have this update yet. For example, the Brand Permissions page still sports the old logo. In contrast, a picture of the new logo has been put up in Facebook’s account on Twitter.

In addition, the new logo can also be found in some of Facebook’s other pages, such as the privacy icon and the security badge, according to Mashable. The new logo aims to achieve a “streamlined, uniformed look,” noting that this is achieved through the use of the Facebook color blue as the background of the new logo.

According to Tom Waddington, a web developer, “the new logo showed up in the company’s newsroom webpage on Friday.”

The first time this new logo came out was on Facebook Home’s information page.

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Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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