Facebook has launched updated version of its Privacy Checkup tool

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The last couple of years have never been that good for Facebook, especially in terms of issues that bother on privacy. There have been different complaints—the biggest of all being the Cambridge Analytical data leak. So, when the social media giant comes up with any news that has to do with improving privacy on the platform, people get to show some interest. The latest we have in that front is that Facebook has just announced the latest version of its Privacy Checkup tool.

The revamped privacy feature, according to Facebook, is geared towards walking you through “important privacy settings on the platform. “The revamped Privacy Checkup tool has expanded to four distinct topics to help you strengthen your account security and control who can see what you share and how your information is used. We know privacy is personal and we’ve integrated privacy tips to help you make the right privacy decisions for you,” a statement on the company’s official blog said on Monday.

Credit: https://about.fb.com/news/2020/01/privacy-checkup/?utm_content=buffer87e67&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer

Who can see what you share: Going forward, Facebook will now help you review who can see your profile information such as your phone number, and email address, as well as your posts.

How to keep your account secure: The social media giant will now help you to strengthen your account security by setting a stronger password and turning on login alerts.

How people can find you on Facebook: This latest tool will let you review ways in which people can look you up on the platform and who can send you friend requests.

Your data settings on Facebook: This will let you review the information you share with apps you have logged into with Facebook. You can also remove the apps you no longer use.

Facebook Privacy Checkup tool was launched in 2014 to help users understand the basics when it comes staying safe on the platform. The new tool, however, has already rolled out globally to everyone on the platform.

In other related news, the social media giant is reportedly [per Jane Manchun Wong] working on a new feature that will get rid of finding someone by phone number. This has been an age-long feature that is as old as the service itself, but getting rid of it could very well mean something better is in the offing.

Though, some users might frown at the idea because it comes in handy when tracking trolls, not being able to track or add people by number could help to solve some privacy issues.

While we await the official statement confirming the change, [I doubt if one would be made anyway since it is a minor update] you are welcome to use the comment box below to share your views per the upcoming change.

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