Facebook Donate Button for an Easy Way to Contribute to a Cause

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Non-profit organizations that use Facebook to spread the news about their important causes can now easily get people to donate for this holiday season.

Facebook Donate Button for an Easy Way to Contribute to a Cause

Facebook Donate Button for an Easy Way to Contribute to a Cause

Thanks to Facebook Donate button.

On Wednesday, the social networking site announced that it is working with 37 non-profits in the US to help in testing a better donate button and a new tool that can boost fundraising activities on Facebook.

Currently, there are billions of people using Facebook. That said, non-profits do not want to miss out on an opportunity that allows them to reach out to a wider people who may contribute down the road.

The Donate button of Facebook will also be available on its mobile version.

Facebook is a great way for nonprofits to make people feel empowered. Since more and more people are using social networking sites, especially FB, nonprofits can leverage on that by allowing them to make their voice be heard. To help them show their concerns, users can easily donate straight from their mobile devices.

There are more than 100 million of people worldwide who connect to a cause on the social networking giant. With that number of people, a small amount can easily translate to big bucks for nonprofits.

Last year, millions of people including celebrities uploaded videos to show their support on the ice bucket challenge to raise money for the ALS Association in fighting against this neurological disease.

Just this year, the search networking giant was able to raise $15.5 million for those affected by Nepal earthquake. Thanks to the donate button found at the News Feeds of users.

The main goal of having an improved donate button is to promote spontaneous giving, even in smaller amounts.

Unfortunately, not all nonprofits are happy with the use of Facebook. Success stories are rare. Most of them failed to raise money through the use of this social networking site. Some organizations think that the site has a lot of barriers that can easily discourage potential donors.

For some charities, they need to compete against an array of photos and videos on FB’s News Feed. As a result, it makes difficult for them to catch the attention of the users without having to shell out through online ads on FB.

Nonprofits do want to make their audience to use Facebook in donating money for a certain cause. Unfortunately, they always face those consistent issues.

Furthermore, some people are still wary of putting their credit card information on FB.

However, some studies showed that fundraising through social networking sites are booming. Donations are growing to 70 percent last year.

With the improved Facebook donate button, people can store their credit card information and donate without having to leave the site. This is quite different from the donate button released two months ago.

Another improvement on Facebook that aims to help nonprofits is the fundraiser tool. This allows more people to easily support a cause they believe in, donate and share to their friends that they have contributed to it.

With these new features, the easier for people to donate, the more likely for them to contribute.

What do you think of these new buttons for nonprofits? Do you think they can help in boosting their campaigns?

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