Facebook could soon add a Coronavirus Business Information Center

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Only a couple of days ago, 5.2 million people filed unemployment claims, bringing the total number to 22 million in the last four weeks in the US. The figure could go up considering the fact that the pandemic is not showing much sign of slowing down in the US. The aforementioned figure is just for the US—with millions of people in other countries likely to be without a job by the time the lockdown is relaxed. Businesses are badly affected, and could do with government intervention to remain in business. Facebook, according to Jane Manchun Wong, a reliable reverse engineer, is already working on a Coronavirus Business Information Center.

Facebook, per Jane’s screenshot, will use the Coronavirus Business Information Center to provide “tips and tricks for businesses through this time during the pandemic.” Businesses will learn how to stay safe and be informed, stay in touch with customers, bringing their business online, prepare a customer service plan, and provide series of frequently asked questions [FAQ].

The Facebook Coronavirus Business Information Center will also serve as an avenue for businesses to inform their customers and clients of any change in operations that may have been influenced by COVID-19. According to the screenshot, you will also be able to sell gift cards as a business owner.

This should be out soon considering the fact that most businesses are already in bad shape and require some help to get back on track. The truth about the coronavirus pandemic is that things may not get back to being the way they were in the next couple of months—it is going to take some time. Efforts such as the one being worked on by Facebook and governments around the world would help most businesses to get back on track.

Facebook is reportedly also working on a new gaming app that will keep people engaged while they stay at home. Gaming apps are becoming more popular these days considering the fact that people need to keep busy at home. Twitch, an online gaming company owned by Amazon is experiencing a surge in the number of people using its service these days.

The app according to NYT, is designed for creating and watching live gameplay. The app was expected to be launched last Monday, and signifies the company’s bold step at moving into the mainstream of online gaming.

The initial plan was to release the free app in June this year, but has now been brought forward because of the huge opportunity presented by the lockdown being embarked upon by virtually every country around the world. “We’re seeing a big rise in gaming during quarantine,” said Fidji Simo, head of the Facebook app per NYT. Without a doubt, the global gaming business is booming, and Facebook does not want to miss out of this great opportunity to improve its income badly hit by low patronage in the area of digital ads.

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