Facebook bought a tech startup to add more fun in photos

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Facebook acquired face recognition technology provider FacioMetrics in order to make your photos and videos more fun


Source: http://www.theverge.com/2016/3/9/11186094/facebook-masquerade-face-swapping-app-acquisition

Facebook has a new family member, according to a report from VentureBeat. FacioMetrics is a startup company which produces facial behavior and demographic tools for developers, using video. FacioMetrics tools can help the process of facial detection and they can achieve face swaps. But is the reason behind the acquisition?

A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement:

“How people share and communicate is changing, and things like masks and other effects allow people to express themselves in fun and creative ways.” “We’re excited to welcome the FacioMetrics team, who will help bring more fun effects to photos and videos and build even more engaging sharing experiences on Facebook.”

So the reason is simple. Facebook wants to experiment and give more filters and fun additions to your photos and videos. But this isn’t the first time that Facebook dives into the face recognition field. The social media network introduced Prisma-like filters when you go Live. And at the WSJD Live conference, CPO Chris Cox demonstrated an app that would let you transfer the style of an artist onto your images. The app is still at a prototype level because the technology is not quite there yet, especially for the videos.

As the report says there is a  difference between being able to livestream and having the full experience. And FacioMetrics can be an asset because it can actually bring something different to the table. And if you want to try some of the apps from FacioMetrics you won’t find them in App Store or Google Play store. That’s because after the acquisition of the startup’s apps have been removed.

Fernando De La Torre, CEO of FacioMetrics said in a statement:

“We started FacioMetrics to respond to the increasing interest and demand for facial image analysis – with all kinds of applications including augmented/virtual reality, animation, audience reaction measurement, and others. We began our research at Carnegie Mellon University developing state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms for facial image analysis. Over time, we have successfully developed and integrated this cutting-edge technology into battery-friendly and efficient mobile applications, and also created new applications of this technology.

Now, we’re taking a big step forward by joining the team at Facebook, where we’ll be able to advance our work at an incredible scale, reaching people from across the globe. We are thrilled for our next big step forward by joining Facebook. We’d like to thank Carnegie Mellon University and our clients for their trust and support – we couldn’t have made it this far without them.
We are looking forward to getting started at Facebook!”

A successful business transaction is the one that both parties get what they want. But know the amount of money Facebook had to pay for the acquisition is still unknown.

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