Facebook begins COVID-19 vaccine awareness for US users

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Image Credit: Time Magazine

Going forward, all eligible adults in the US will get specific information atop their News Feed on where to get the COVID-19 vaccine in Their states. So, based on where you live, a new box has been added with specific information about where to get COVID-19 vaccine at the top of the News Feed. 

Once the information shows up on your News Feed, it means that you are now eligible to take the COVID-19 vaccine shot. The information will come along with a link on where to find the vaccine in your province in your province.

The feature, according to Facebook, is available in nearly 20 countries, and there are plans to roll out in more places. 

At the peak of the pandemic sometimes in March 2020, Facebook 

launched a new coronavirus community hub on Messenger to help fight misinformation.

The community hub serves as a useful resource base for individuals, government and organizations who will be able to get and share reliable information about the virus from credible sources.

The social media giant has been in the forefront of fighting fake news in the last couple of years, and seems to be doubling up along that line. Before then, Facebook had placed a coronavirus information page atop users’ newsfeeds.

The page will disseminate verified materials from reliable sources such as the World Health Organization. This will enable the social media behemoth to counter the spread of fake news about the virus, which has now been described as a global pandemic.

The information page will among several others, feature content by academics and celebrities, and will amplify tips and best practices from the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on issues like social distancing and hand washing.

Facebook’s move was not just based on its desire to keep the people informed, the platform seems to be experiencing a surge in the number of people who now have to rely on the social media behemoth for information about the virus. People now rely on the platform for the latest on the COVID-19 virus—hence the need for this latest move.

As several countries begin to roll out specific COVID-19 vaccine plans, it is important that people are highly informed about where and how to get vaccinated. The power of social media in that regard cannot be ignored. We expect that other social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok will roll out specific features to help educate people on how to get vaccinated.

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Author: Ola Ric

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