Facebook Offers New App Called Bars That Lets You Rap

It’s still an experimental app, though. 


Facebook just launched its next experimental app to be called BARS. If you like to rap, you may fancy this app. You don’t need to be perfect in English tenses and let this app do the work. It features tools that let you create and share your raps with the use of created beats. 

Yes, it’s for wannabe rappers and not for those would-be classical opera singers. The app lets you choose from among the professionally created beats. 

There are hundreds of them. From there, you can write your own lyrics and record a video. 

While you’re writing words for your rap, the app will suggest rhymes that it thinks to befit the song. It also offers visual and audio filters should you decide to make videos. 

And if you’re tone-deaf, don’t despair as it includes an autotune feature. But will you ever need it? 

After all, you’re rapping. Although it’s classified as singing, it doesn’t demand hitting the right notes. Rather, you just need rhythm and beat. 

However, if your voice is awkward, an auto-tune feature can make a difference. 

Facebook Bars to Have Fun with Rap 

The company wants you to enjoy using this app. As a result, it integrates challenge mode. It’s a setting that lets you freestyle with automatically suggested word cues. 

It’s designed to let you have fun while rapping. 

How Long Will the Video Last? 

Facebook Bars let you create up to 60 seconds of rap videos. After recording, you can post it to a feed that has similarities to TikTok. 

That is, people can watch it. Then, if your rap skills are satisfactory, they can mark it as fire. It’s another way for Facebook to compete with TikTok in this content category. 

If you’re a beginner, you can check the auto-rhyme dictionary. On the other hand, if you’re an advanced rapper, a freestyle mode is an ideal fit. 

Within the freestyle mode, you can have 8 random works that you can work on and turn into a rap. 

Similar to Collab

Bars isn’t the first music-related app that Facebook launched. 

Remember Collab that the company released late last year? If you don’t, then let me refresh your memory. Collab is an experimental app that lets you make collaborative music videos. 

The app lets you create three 15-second videos. They are stacked on top of one another but they play in sync. A collar video can have a guitarist, drummer, and singer. Each one plays alongside each other 

Although BARS and Collab are two different experimental apps, they were created because of the pandemic. 

The coronavirus pandemic prohibited musicians to start a live concert. A concert is one of the keys for musicians to connect with their fans. And also, it’s a way for them to earn money. 

Musicians utilized online platforms now to carry out live-streamed concerts to keep the connections flowing. Some concerts are free while others need some form of payment to gain access to the concert. 

For now, Bars are in closed beta. However, you can sign up today to secure your username.

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