Facebook Asks iOS 14.5 Users to Allow Tracking to Keep the App Free of Charge 

This is the start of Facebook’s scare tactics to fight iOS 14 privacy changes. 


Last week, Apple released its most awaited update to iOS 14. Along with the update, the iPhone maker also published guidelines to developers to ensure that they abide by Apple’s rules. 

Apple said that apps can’t bribe users to enable tracking. In that case, Facebook can’t offer its users to permit the company to track their online activities. 

Facebook also can’t deny content or functionality until its users enable the tracking mode. 

Your Privacy to Keep Apps Free of Charge

But Apple didn’t say that apps can’t encourage users to allow tracking to ensure they are free of charge. 

In that case, Facebook considers adding new options for its main app and Instagram to inform users that enabling tracking will keep its apps free to use. 

Facebook is doing its best to encourage users to track them. 

Ashkan Soltani, a technology researcher, noted the new pop-up message. Facebook explained it in a blog post about the purpose of the education screen. The social media platform wants its users to make an informed decision. 

In a blog post, Facebook stated that the educational screen will include more details on how it is using data for ads and the ways it limits the use of its apps if users would turn off tracking. 

Facebook disagrees with Apple’s decision to prompt users first before apps can track them. However, it will show a pop-up message to ensure that Facebook apps follow Apple’s rules. 

“Facebook is speaking up for small businesses. Apple’s new iOS 14 policy will have a harmful impact on many small businesses that are struggling to stay afloat and on the free internet that we all rely on more than ever.”

Apple opt-in requirements would necessitate developers to get their users’ consent to enable their Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) to be shared. 

The new policy will still allow developers to use other details users provide for personalized ads, even if they disable app tracking. However, apps can’t share those details with another company for ad tracking. 

App developers can’t replace the IDFA with an email address or another identifying information. If they do so, they’re violating Apple’s rules. 

Facebook is just one of the companies that censure Apple’s iOS 14 privacy updates. The social media giant claims that the changes could significantly affect small businesses that rely on the company’s ad network to reach their customers. 

It also added that the new privacy rules will encourage new businesses to rely less on advertising but more on subscriptions. 

For Facebook, this tactic will only benefit Apple. 

However, the recent tactic of Facebook to keep Facebook free will go against its tagline that indicates that its company is free and will always be. 

Then again, you can’t find that slogan on its homepage anymore. It has been removed in 2019. 

The new prompt message will roll out in Instagram and Facebook apps in the coming days or weeks. 

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