Facebook Asks Apple to Allow Users to Change iPhone’s Default Messages App

Will you switch to Messenger as your default Message app on your iPhone? 

Facebook Asks Apple to Allow Users to Change iPhone’s Default Messages App

One of the notable changes with iOS 14 is that you can now change your default email and browser apps. In that case, you can now use third-party apps when you compose new email messages or open links. You’re no longer confined to the default Mail app and Safari app. 

However, users can’t change the default Messages app to Messenger or other apps they prefer. And this is what Facebook has been asking Apple for many years. That is, to allow users to choose Messenger as their default Messages app. 

New Fight with Apple 

Although Apple is now allowing users to change their default browser and mail, other calories of apps are stuck on the company’s built-in software. And Facebook is pushing Apple to allow people to choose their preferred messaging app. 

Stan Chudnovsky, the head of Facebook Messenger, said that “We feel people should be able to choose different messaging apps and the default on their phone. Generally, everything is moving this direction anyway.” 

Android has already allowed its users to choose their preferred Messages app. And this is why Facebook wants Apple to do the same. In that way, it will help them compete more fairly. 

Unfortunately, the Messages app and iMessage are a vital part of the iOS feature set. Apple isn’t likely to give up its control over its iOS messaging. The Messages app is a core feature that convinces people to continue buying its devices. 

The chances of Apple allowing third-parties to be the default messenger of iOS are slim. But the social networking site wants to push its luck after a number of ad agencies convinced Apple to temporarily stop its new ad tracking feature. The new privacy feature will be available next year. 

Apple is giving developers ample time to make changes. The requirement to utilize the tracking feature will take effect early next year. 

Facebook censured the iPhone makers various times over its privacy feature. According to Facebook, it could drop its ad revenue by up to 40%. After that, a group of publishers said that they expect a 50% decline in their revenue with the new ad tracking feature. 

However, if Facebook won’t succeed in pressuring Apple to allow users to use their preferred Messages app on iOS, Apple will still get more anti-trust suits. Regulators worldwide are watching closely what the company is doing. 

Yesterday, the Coalition for App Fairness launched. Its members include Spotify, Tile, and Epic Games. Currently, Facebook isn’t a member yet. But one of the coalition’s members supports Facebook’s message to Apple. That is, to let users choose their default messaging app on the iPhone and iPad. 

Facebook is unifying its messaging services, like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. It believes that private messaging is the future of messaging. 

Also, Apple temporarily halts its 30% cut from any in-app payments for Facebook events. It came after the social networking site stated that the fee is causing harm to businesses. However, the agreement will only be valid at the end of 2020.

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