Facebook Official App on Windows 10 Devices – Finally!

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Facebook on Windows Devices - Finally!

Facebook on Windows Devices – Finally!

Facebook is still one of the most popular networking sites. For users with smartphones, they access it through an application. It makes it easier for them to access the network while it allows developers to use more features and present richer experience.

Recently, Facebook announced the release of its Windows 10 app in beta version, as reported by Rich Edmonds.

But before you make a comment that you already have a Facebook application running on your Windows smartphone, you should realize that such mobile app is developed by Microsoft and not Facebook.

The latest Facebook app for Windows smartphone and other mobile devices is designed and published by Facebook. The current app of Facebook on your Windows 10 mobile device may carry the design and branding of Facebook. But, as mentioned earlier, it’s not developed by Facebook itself. Microsoft did it to ensure that its smartphone had a Facebook client app.

Facebook on Windows Devices - Finally!

Facebook on Windows Devices – Finally!

Previously, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the app of its social networking site would be all-in on Windows 10.

According to users who have downloaded the beta version, the Facebook app on Windows 10 was superb. However, it doesn’t have the feature that allows you to integrate contact or calendar, which is a feature presented in the Microsoft version of the app.

They also reported that they experienced a few minor bugs. They also complained of it being a bit slower. However, they’re happy that it has all the features that they need. They’re hoping that its overall performance will improve when its full version is released.

In another news, Microsoft introduces a dedicated tool that can eliminate bloatware from its Windows 10 platform. Bloatware is common, but it can significantly cause security issues that can affect the performance of the operating system.

Microsoft acknowledges the fact that bloatware can negatively affect Windows. Hence, it released its Windows 10 Refresh tool. This tool makes a clean copy of your Windows 10 from the web. It will perform a fresh install.

Running this tool enables you to remove apps and programs that were pre-loaded or pre-installed by the OEM. But it also removes apps or programs you’ve downloaded. This tool is quite different from the pre-installed recovery image as it performs a clean installation of the operating system without the bloatware.

Although it wipes away apps and programs you’ve downloaded and installed, it will keep your personal data, music, photos, documents and other things. However, you can choose to wipe them, too, if you wish to have a clean installation. In this way, you have a machine that’s good as new.

Currently, users who signed up for beta versions of Windows 10 can try the tool. These users have tried and tested the tool, but they reported it as buggy. They also complained that the tool keeps on fetching an older version of Windows 10 that they currently. As a result, they were not able to save some of their personal data. Thus, if you’re planning to use it, make sure that you have done a backup copy of your files.

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