Facebook Adds Suicide Prevention Tools To Make It A Safer Space

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Facebook Adds Suicide Prevention Tools To Make It A Safer Space

Source: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2017/03/building-a-safer-community-with-new-suicide-prevention-tools/

Facebook adds suicide prevention tools to improve its efforts in making it easier for its users to help other people in a moment of crisis.

The social media is one of the largest online communities in the world. Now, the company is leveraging it to support those who need it most.

The social network announced on Wednesday that it’s updating its tools and resources for users who are thinking of suicide. These tools would include the following:

“Integrated suicide prevention tools to help people in real time on Facebook Live. Live chat support from crisis support organizations through Messenger. Streamlined reporting for suicide, assisted by artificial intelligence.” – Facebook

For example, if you’re worried that your friend who’s streaming on Facebook Live is thinking of suicide, you could report the video to the network. The company will provide resources in real-time to you and your friend.

On the other hand, you can report someone who might be thinking of suicide. The social network will direct that person to individual tools so he/she could have something to reach out.

This initiative may help tackle a pressing social challenge today. Because this intervention comes from this social networking site, it might be particularly valuable.

For the younger generations, social media is their choice of communication when they have to deal with a precarious situation. These latest tools will provide an opportunity for these people to get help for the issues that they face.

According to Facebook:

“There is one death by suicide in the world every 40 seconds, and suicide is the second leading cause of death for 15-29 year olds. Experts say that one of the best ways to prevent suicide is for those in distress to hear from people who care about them.”

There’s a particular challenge in the rise of the Internet. With publicized suicides, they also increase the likelihood of others copying the suicide attempts. Several deaths have been broadcasted on Facebook using its Live feature.

More and more groups have come up with crisis hotlines, such as National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They also encouraged people to have healthy coping strategies. And the social networking giant has been a partner of some of these groups for several years now.

As many have observed, these latest innovations can make a positive contribution to preventing suicide attempts. Unlike previous tools, these new features can connect people more directly to the people concerned, allowing them to be more efficient.

The latest approach offers active steps for individuals who care about the other person who’s at risk of committing suicide.

The previous methods of Facebook were helpful. However, the latest tools offer a personal touch, thereby, making a difference to the person.

Being a friend of someone online can mean more than just commenting on his/her posts. But it also means that your’e looking out for each other. There’s something you can do to help your friend. Not just to survive, but also to thrive.

“Suicide prevention is one way we’re working to build a safer community on Facebook. With the help of our partners and people’s friends and family members on Facebook, we’re hopeful we can support more people over time.”

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