Facebook adds new Portal features, including Netflix and Zoom

Facebook has added new features to its smart home device Portal to keep you engaged. It includes Netflix and Zoom integrations, and more AR storytelling options for children.

While it might raise privacy concerns if you have a Facebook-connected camera device at home, sales of Portals have been on the rise.

Here are the new features:

Netflix Integration

The new Netflix integration expands the content available through Portal. You may now watch it from your home TV set.

facebook portal tv netflix

“Portal TV already offers a range of video streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, SHOWTIME and SLING TV. And starting today, you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies on Netflix with Portal TV, ” says Facebook.

Bringing Facebook to home TV screens is a major development. While more people consume video on mobile devices, TVs remain as the main, shared entertainment device in our homes. And TVs are where video content must be offered to gain more viewers.

Next, Facebook will launch a new remote control for Portal viewing:

“We’re also introducing a new remote that features one-touch buttons for Prime Video, Facebook Watch, and Netflix, so it’s easy to open your favorite entertainment apps. The remote begins shipping with Portal TV today from portal.facebook.com and will be in stores in the coming weeks,” explains Facebook.

While entertainment is important, Portal has seen a rise in value. More and more people are working from home. And they find new ways to connect with colleagues remotely.

Zoom Integration

In line with this, Facebook has launched its Zoom integration.

facebook portal tv zoom

Zoom on Portal may also have benefits for non-business users:

“With high-fidelity sound and an AI-powered Smart Camera for hands-free video calling, Zoom on Portal is also a great way to stay close with friends and family. Host a holiday dinner, happy hour, or game night with up to 25 people on screen,” says Facebook.

Zoom is ubiquitous. It has become synonymous to virtual meetings. Governments and companies use the platform as their go-to connectivity tool.

Adding Zoom to Portal will enhance the device’s value and will entice those who look for ways to stay connected.

Finally, Facebook will add new, interactive AR stories for kids and parents on Portal.

“The new stories are Thank You, Omu!, A Kids Book About Belonging, and Grandma’s Purse. We’re also bringing AR magic to four beloved Dr. Seuss classics: Hop on Pop, Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?, The Foot Book, and There’s a Wocket in my Pocket! These stories will roll out on Portal this fall,” explains Facebook.

Facebook has added new voice controls for AR effects in Photo Booth as well. It allows children to use voice control for a more fun and immersive virtual experience.

The new features will further enhance the Portal offering. As more people are forced to work from home, the prospect of maintaining remote arrangements are bright. And it may allow the device to become a key connectivity device.  

Author: Francis Rey

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