Facebook adds multi-user, app-sharing features to Oculus Quest

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Virtual Reality (VR) headsets stormed the gaming industry last year. So, Facebook has decided to add new features to boost the use of Oculus Quest, and to expand VR adoption.

The Oculus Quest now supports multiple accounts in a single device. And it also gets app sharing, so different users can purchase different apps inside Oculus through one device. 

“VR is a social experience, and that doesn’t just mean online multiplayer. We know Quest has become a shared device for many of you. We want to make it easier to share your Quest with the people you care about, whether with a partner, a roommate, family, or friends,” says Facebook.

Before the announcement, Oculus headsets only allowed one Facebook-attached user account to gain access. It had limited use for households with several Oculus enthusiasts. Now, admin accounts can add three new accounts and allow App Sharing in one device.

“With Multi-User and App Sharing, you’ll be able to log multiple accounts into a single headset, and share Oculus Store apps you’ve purchased with those additional accounts. Game progress and achievements will be unique to each account, so no more “Hey, are you done playing that game so I can start it over?” situations. You’ll also be able to maintain your own friend lists, browser history, privacy settings, and more – and can lock your account with an unlock pattern before handing your headset to friends or family,” adds Facebook.

It looks like a minor update. But, at least, it will double the Oculus user count immediately.

Many users already tested out their friends’ and families’ Oculus devices. With their own profile and data, it would be a more immersive experience. And it would lead to more sales of Oculus devices.

The rise of VR

VR devices had a big leap last year. We all wanted other means to entertain ourselves.

The latest Facebook financial report saw the company’s Other Revenue (non-advertisement) numbers exceed twice the figure from Q4 2019.

Facebook CFO David Wehner noted that its Oculus Quest 2 VR device’s holiday sales had driven the numbers.

The rise of Oculus opens new doors for Facebook. And it already has plans to add social interaction in virtual spaces.

Oculus VP of Content Mike Verdu shared earlier this month a new update about the growth of the platform. He highlighted the growth of content—the key element at this stage.

facebook oculus quest

Facebook took the chance to reveal that Messenger will integrate with Oculus. Users can now chat on Messenger inside the VR environment.

Facebook will roll out multi-user and app sharing to Quest 2 users first. Once the user experience is seamless, it will reach all Quest users.

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