Expect an iPhone 12 Event Announcement This Week

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The announcement might come on September 8.

Expect an iPhone 12 Event Announcement This Week
Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kateoflahertyuk/2020/09/03/apple-means-business-with-striking-new-privacy-move-ahead-of-ios-14-launch/#6f440435513b

Mark Gurman suggested on Twitter that Apple might finally announce a date for its iPhone 12 event this week. During the event, Apple might declare its new Apple Watch and the release date for its watchOS 7, new iPhone, and iOS14. 

Jon Prosser, on the other hand, tweeted that an Apple press release might be scheduled on September 8 around 9 am EST. However, he noted that it’s not a definite schedule. He said that we’ll have to wait until the press has been briefed. 

Prosser, however, didn’t make specific claims about the things that the company could announce in the press release. In his previous tweets, he said that a new Apple Watch and iPad would be announced on September 7. 

Apple tends to offer information a week before the event. In 2019, Apple invited the media for a special event for its iPhone 11 to tell the press about its September 10 date. The invitation happened 12 days before the said date. 

But we can expect the event to be virtual with a pre-made video. This could be similar to the WWDC 2020 keynote. Despite having it as a virtual event, Apple may still give the press advanced warning for the upcoming launch. 

What New Products to Expect? 

We can expect Apple to announce the new four iPhone models. It would consist of two iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 models. The Pro models will have different cameras than the iPhone 12. But they will reuse the LiDAR sensor from iPad Pro for depth mapping. One of the major additions to the new iPhone is the 5G connectivity. 

In a report, Apple may offer premium 5G with iPhone 12 Pro Max models in the US, Japan, and Korea. The rest of the markets will have a slower 5G. 

The slower Sub-6GHz 5G is 50% faster than 4G when it was tested in the real world. It’s a great bump for these midrange phones. But the mmWave 5G will be cutting edge. It’s a short-range and only available in major cities. 

Apple decided it this way because it wants to downgrade iPhone 12 batteries. The higher mmWave can easily drain power. 

How About Apple Watch Series 6? 

Apple may also announce its latest Apple Watch. It may have a plastic version. It may also use liquid crystal polymer (LCP) to boost its wireless performance. And the much-awaited blood oxygenation monitoring feature. 

Regardless of when Apple will hold its September event, we know that the iPhone 12 will only be released in October. It may also include the release of a new iPad in the form of iPad Air 4. The new iPad may have the same Apple Pencil design as the iPad Pro. 

Apple may also launch AirTags. The AirTags will have a Bluetooth tag and UWB that could work with Find My app. This is a great device to help you locate your lost items that you have attached to your tag.

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